March 31, 2004


I wrote last time about bad dream due to stress over fourth formers. Well last night I had a really good sleep a great one! I lay the joy of my good sleep on "Fruits Basket" a gorgeous anime that Sis borrowed from a friend of hers and which I watched 12 episodes of yesterday. It's a really lovely highschool anime that is really non-dodgy, the main character, Tohru Honda, is quite together, she's had a hard life with her mother dying recently (no mention of what happened to the father as yet) but she is determined to finish highschool and basically be nice to everyone. She seems to work hard at school, is not unco-ordinated at sports, neither does she have super powers, except being incredibly nice and understanding to people. There is a supernatural theme with the other main characters, various members of the 'Sohma family' but she is refreshingly normal and lovely. Last night I did wake up a few times and have fuzzy memories/images of Tohru being nice and kind. It sent me right back to a happy sleep.

Other nice things that have happened this week include a surprise late birthday present from a coworker of a giant toblerone bar! Yum! Also a compilation CD left in my mailbox as a late birthday present. Haven't had time to listen to it yet, but still great! Another extended birthday joy is coming home and seeing all the various bunches of flowers that people gave Blondie and I for our birthdays. It's soooo great! Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow is Blondie's birthday proper and she is going home for dinner with her parents. I don't know what to get her. She hasn't got me a 'proper' present yet, but she made that fab cake for me and I want to be able to give her something tomorrow. Maybe I'll just make a nice card or something? To bide time til we can go shopping together. We might have some flat drinks on friday. I am currently feeling a bit poor tho as I just paid another $1000 off my student loan. Wa-ah. the next two weeks til payday will be a bit tight, but.... Joy! Almost paid off the student loan!

Also just a random mention, still feeling great about me and Beau.


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March 30, 2004

To dream

A bit late, but still..

On monday I woke in a panic at about 4.40am. I don't know exactly what I was dreaming about but it was freaking me out. I know it had something to do with the fourth form science class and me not having them ready for the test on thursday. Which is the truth. They weren't ready. I couldn't get back to sleep. It was horrible. I ended up reading a book for 5 min (reading is part of my going to sleep ritual) and then having to say out loud that I would right a worksheet that covered any material I had missed as well as revising the stuff for the test. Then I could sleep, Finally at about 5.20. A little over an hour later I had to get up anyway.

Later on Monday I had a meeting with my HOD and talked about the fourth form class. She realised hers weren't ready either, so the test is moved to next week. Thank goodness.

Now I am freaking over my third form. They have to do a practical assessment, and I think that will be alright, but the HOD is going to watch me on the first day of the assessment. I hope it goes ok but I worry I won't be ready.

I don't have to teach either third or fourth form tomorrow because there is swimming sports. I'm going to try and do some good work. I'm also going to go home and have a nap today. Then do some reading. I really have to seriously plan the stuff for the third formers and sort out the stuff for the fourth formers.

The funny thing is that at the start of the units I was most worried about my fifth formers. They are the ones that seem most on track now. Go figure.

Also as an extra thing, I had a great birthday. Dinner at Zico's was good. Beau was a total honey and snuck to my flat when I wasn't there and tidied my room a bit and left my presents on my bed AND he paid (mostly) for my dinner. Sis gave me fabulous cardies which she had decorated with ribbon (they look sooo cool) and Blondie had sneakily made me an extremely chocolately chocolate cake which Sokky and Sis decorated, covering the whole thing with Jaffas and Malteasers! Awesome! Then Blondie and I had a shared party on Saturday. Some of my fav people couldn't make it, but I still managed to have a good time ;) that might have been helped along by the strawberry lindauer. Fizzy wine makes me silly. Beau was also extremely cuddly all night due to Absinthe. He's normally mega against PDA so it was kinda confusing for tipsy me. Amusing for others tho.

Thanks to everyone who did make it. Your presence was the best present... altho gotta give props to Matt&Debz for "Pinchy the Lobster Bear" Soooo coool and strange.

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March 25, 2004

Birth Day

Well today is my birthday and while I am turning the big 2-4 (2+4=6years old!) I am still excited. You think that by now I would have had enough birthdays, but I haven't. I'm not stressed out about the whole year older thing as it has been happening for the last few years. Also I am having a party with my flatmate, who henceforth shall be referred to as Blondie. Her birthday is exactly a week after mine so it seems to make sense. Tonight I am going to Zico, which was meant to be an intimate dinner with my flatmates and a couple of friends, but it has swelled to 14(ish) people! Yikes! But it's at Zico's which I like, especially the desserts!

Tomorrow I am going to a course so I have to get relief organised by the end of today. That is still to be done. boo. Too much work on Giffy's birthday makes her a sad girl.

On plus side for today my formclass is having a shared lunch AND (I totally forgot!) it's class photo's today. Also Thursdays in Black so the staff photo might be a bit gloomy, Oh, Well.

I better go plan some class like things!

I hope Beau got me a present that I like. If he didn't, I hope he pays for his own dinner!

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March 23, 2004

Into the Beach

Yesterday I spent the whole school day at the beach with a bunch of 16 and 17yearolds. The weather was fabulous and they were highly confused and stressed. They were doing an NCEA assessment, a population study looking at zonation of a species and also age structure of a species. They just had to do their sampling yesterday and they have three in class periods to do their write-up. It was all fine, the more senior teachers had it all sorted, which is good as the last time I did this type of assessment I was IN 6th form at school and it was different, the teachers were allowed to give more direction. I CURSE YOU NCEA!! Then after the beach I went home and cooked, burger patties and roast potatoes! ALtho we had fresh brocolli as well.

Today there is a different type of stress... I have Parent/Teacher Interviews today. My first ones. In this school the students are invited to come along with their teachers. I never got to attend mine so this really is my FIRST Parent/Teacher Interviews. Please any parents/ future parents who read this, try to realise that we as teachers probably find the interviews worse than some of the kids, new teachers like me anyway. On the plus side, unlike in a primary school the parents will only see each teacher for a maximum of 5 minutes, and even with this system I'll be seeing less than half the students in my class. We are actually doing our interviews over two days so I will be going through this again on Monday next week. BRRRR.

I will look forward to my birthday. I must! Not to mention no teaching on Friday, got ANOTHER course.

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March 18, 2004

Taking things personally

I probably do it too much, and it's hard not to do, when people make a comment that is meant to be a "joke" I often do get miffed.

The thing I am worst about tho is taking anything Beau does personally. Specifically his sense of timing. If he says he will meet me at a certain time and is late I can get soooo mad. Even if we aren't in a rush to go anywhere. It's like by being late he's disrespecting me by not taking the effort to be on time to meet me. Or sometimes even it's like he's lying to me by saying that he'll arrive on time when it's obvious (to me anyway) that he won't be. It can get to the stage where I'll ask him when he'll meet me and when he says a time, especially if it is in the morning, I'll be all.. "are you sure you'll be able to meet me then. I don't think you mean it." and it's ridiculous I know, but I do take silly little things that Beau forgets personally. Like if he forgets anything to do with me,like which night I work at the library, he has somehow forgotten me and I don't want that!

Love you.

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Well, I should be planning a lesson and it's one that I'm a tad worried about, so naturally I am on the internet doing my blog. poot

This morning I had a dream, I can't remember much about it, but I do remember that I found the other sock of a pair. I was really happy. When I woke up and realised it was a dream I was a bit sad.... where are you other sock? It's a socklet or ankle sock or whatever, so it's extra tiny. I like it tho and don't know where it has gone.

Enough musing on the sock... I must go decide how to teach 14 year olds about electron "shells".

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March 15, 2004

School's back for ever

Sorry I didn't do a Friday theme thingy, but I was AT HOME, away from the internet. Well actually I was in town for a fair amount of Friday. \

Breakdown of the weekend

Had no school, decided to do some shopping, had a scotsman staying with us so spent morning driving him around as he tried to get sorted for a wedding. Eventually dropped him off so that someone else could give him a ride to Featherston. Haven't seen him since, altho he has a key to our flat and said he'd buy me lunch on Sunday... Mysterious.
Anyway then I actually did do some shopping, managed to buy a computer desk and bookshelf set from Warehouse Stationary for less than $70. Awesome, Sok went with me and we bought her one too. I also spent time in The Warehouse buying bits of card. Must make birthday cards. Tomorrow is Beau's birthday and I have yet to buy him a present! Gah! Altho I did buy him a silver tree while we were in Thailand, so I don't actually need to get him anything... or something.
After shopping came home and promptly got tipsy on one and a half glasses of Lindauer. I am the lightest of all lightweights... altho I could do with losing a few (10) kilos. Then headed into town and spent too much money on cocktails at the red square. I then had delicious meat at Cafe Pasha. Yummmm Shish Kebab. Didn't think much of their Baklava tho, over priced. Went home and was rude to Jonno and Beau, kicking Jonno out of our house so that I could go to sleep. Also had mini-fight with Beau over me being rude to him and Jonno. Slept

Woke up and made up with Beau. Lounged around til lunch time, made food for self, left Beau to fend. Magus and Sass came over a bit after 2pm and we headed into town, with aim to meet up with others and watch movie. Went into second hand bookstores and found a present for Zeph. Huzzah! Went into Whitcoulls and was puzzled and confused by all the student study guides. I wanted to buy one, but the one I wanted was not there. Had an early dinner at Nandos and I liked the hot peri peri sauce. Then Copenhaagen icecream and watched Big Fish which I really really enjoyed. Other people cried. I liked it a lot but did not cry. Then we spent too much time looking for a copy of Intolerable Cruelty on video, which we eventually got and watched at my place. It was ok, not as cool as O Brother Where Art Thou as there was no singing also no way as cool as Big Fish. After that people left and Beau and I were left alone in the house.

The laziest of all days I did eventually have a shower and get changed, into a new clean pair of pajama's. I spent the morning-early afternoon in my pajama's reading and lying around in the sun. I did manage to do some laundry tho, and when I cooked my brunch, I also made some for Beau. The best part was when sis got home and told me all about Her Saturday night. Pretty hilarious. In the evening I finally did some marking for school while watching CSI and NZ idol. Sis cooked me steak for dinner. THen later on I had some luigi's pizza. Ahh.

At no time in the weekend did I make up the kitset that was my computer desk and shelf. Maybe next weekend ;)

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March 11, 2004

Sweet Day Off

Crazily, my school is having a mid-term break, which is to say that I don't have school tomorrow. Also, with Athletics Day on Monday and Yesterday I was at a course, I have only had to teach two days this week! I did have to do the planning for my classes yesterday so that the relievers had something to do. I think that having course days is almost worse than going to school as you still have to do all the planning and you are busy all day with no free spells in which to do your planning for the next day. Hence, today I was all unorganised.

Yesterday when I got home, instead of doing my planning for today, I watched Scrubs episodes on my computer. They are funny. Then I watched new Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle. Then I just sat there and watched crime shows which I don't even like. I did some planning during those shows tho, and even washed the dishes and cooked the fried rice I am eating for lunch today.

We have a dilemma in our flat as on tuesdays, channel 2 has Scrubs and Friends, but channel 3 has Charmed. For me that is normally no problem, Friends and Scrubs hands down, I don't think that much of Charmed altho I would watch it over many other shows. But others (who shall remain nameless) in the flat lurve Charmed. Also we have only one TV. It is MY TV, but meh, Friends isn't that great nowadays and I have Scrubs on my computer. Plus Sokky and Sis own the couches and I don't want to spend the rest of the year sitting on the floor, altho with cushions and stuff it is pretty comfy.

I am looking forward to having tomorrow off. I'm planning all sorts of things, like shopping and going to the bank and saving seats at the pub for my friends who have work. Ha-ha. Well, the bank isn't fun, but I should still deal with it when I have a week day off. This weekend I also have to mark some stuff, tests and assignments. Boo. Should also read up on the next topic my year 11s have. And work out exactly what it is I am doing in my other classes. BUT not on Friday! Hurrah!

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March 08, 2004

Athletics Day

Today has been athletics day at my school. I am very tired and have been wearing a pink toga-esque outfit all day. I was in the staff shuttle relay team and we won (by cheating). I did a cartwheel that apparently was impressive. The proper staff relay team also won and they did not cheat at all. I was not in that team.

I must mark an assignment and set up some relief work for wednesday as I will be on a course instead of at school. Also Friday is our day off. I am only teaching two days this week. I'm sure it will feel like more ;)

I must go home and stop procrastinating.

Stay Cool After School

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March 07, 2004


Many times I have tried to start a collection. Probably my most successful one was a marble collection in primary school. There were some pretty awesome ones there. I made my own frosted ones by taking sandpaper to marbles that I didn't like that much. My favourites were a couple that my Granny gave me. I think they had belonged to my Dad or Uncle at some stage. They were cool with beautiful blue and chocolate coloured swirls inside.
Unfortunately after a while I forgot about it and lost it.
Nothing seems to really hold my interest long enough to make me pay enough attention to it to be a collection. I have large amounts of things that I've kept over the years, but I don't actually know what is in all the boxes I have at my parents house. It's not that I'm collecting things, I'm just too lazy to throw them away.

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March 04, 2004

Peace and Quiet

While I teach full time, I also have a part-time job at the Teachers College Library. Other people say I'm crazy to do this, as school is definitely enought work for any sane person, but hanging out at the library isn't really like work. It's almost a spiritual time for me. I'm pretty much left alone to do what I want as long that it is at the desk. I can play on the internet, do school work, chat to people who come to the library or read books. Such great books too! There are heaps of lovely picture books, young adults books, and old adults books too. My current favourites are childrens cook books. They have great pictures, photographs and cartoons. Not to mention that the instructions are generally pretty easy. I also like looking at the junior non-fiction books in general. The facts they contain are normally correct, and they are written in a really basic style, which is good for me as they inspire me in my note writing.

I am reading a great book right now that I borrowed from my Beau's Mum. It is quite a serious book, so I don't read it every night. It makes me a bit sad sometimes. Also, when I start reading it I get sucked in, so I find I'm reading it for much longer than I should and stay up too late! It is called The Rice Mother and is written by Rani Manicka. It follows an Indian family in Malaysia over three generations. I like it.

That is all I have for now. I might think about doing a 100 pages on Giffy. We shall see.

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March 03, 2004

One Way, or Another

It's funny but I can always think of stuff to write for my blog, until it's actually time for me to write it.

School is going ok. I marked some tests and some kids failed. Which was hard for me, I thought I was doing something wrong. But then I saw their last years test scores! Sweet last years test scores. Anyway they have been failing tests since long before I started teaching them. I just have to try and make them all pass by the end of the year. Something which is kind of hard is that None of my kids do exceptionally well. Some do exceptionally badly, but none well. This is because of streaming. They stream all the highscorers into seperate science classrooms. I quite like my kids tho, there are still bright ones, but I love the personalities the best!

I actually managed to do quite a few things on my 'to do' list the other day. That makes me a happy panda. Also, I'm happy because Roleplaying is Imminent. I am involved in getting a Werewolf pack organised for a LARP game. My Sis who flats with me is also going to be in it. Last night she was organising her costume for it. Sooo cute! Also will be playing in a tabletop Buffy game on Saturday. It should be pretty cool. We just started playing it a couple of weeks ago and it was supposed to be a one off. Except we got to make our own characters, and we have a wiki webpage for the game, and we got all involved in the process and had fun, so it shall be an infrequent campaign. ALtho, twice a month is relatively frequent.

I now have on my computer episodes of Scrubs and also 7th Season Buffy. Kudos to Lee.

Tomorrow I am working at my part-time librarian job. I shall endeavour to write about books then.

Feel free to add comments suggesting topics for me to write on.

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March 01, 2004


We-ell. The cuba st carnival was on and I had plans to go and see it... but I didn't. I did get my computer tho and it is really cute! I watched too much anime on it, Chobits (disturbing and fun), Azumanga Deio (crazy and fun), Witch hunter Robin (cool) and also Kiki's Deliver Service (sweet!). Lee and Jenni are awesome!

Anyway, I didn't go to the Cuba st Carnival, but the sound of it came to me. This didn't bother me too much, I quite liked it, but the flatmates were not impressed. And they were less impressed when I woke up in the morning (MORNING ON A SUNDAY??) and opened and closed my doors loudly and knocked on their doors to visit them for no good reason. Ahh well, I'm a bit stupid in the morning.

I did leave my house on Sunday. Twice even! Once to go and visit my parents, altho they went out, and another time to go to the Dowse art museum in Lower Hutt to look at an exhibition they were having. It was pretty cool and I might get a free poster! Hurrah!

Things I must remember to do today:
Mark Y9 and 10 tests.
Count up the money for the text books.
Call the number to order flip cards.
Plan new Units for Y9 and 10.
Plan lessons for tomorrow... and beyond..
Invite people to Tupperware party?
Put out rubbish. Including stuff from fridge.
Call my Beau and tell him he's fabulous
Tell flatmates that they are great.
Organise Werewolf pack.
Maybe cook dinner... not too sure.
Go to Stationary Warehouse and buy OHT sheets and pens. and also maybe Y11 ESA science book.

Calling number now.
Done, flip cards ordered, apparently they will arrive tomorrow. I hope those year12s are happy. I'm doing it for them!

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