April 29, 2004

Ctinuous moaning

still fighting the good fight with Norton. Wrote to their site, and got some real actual help, which included the information that I could return their product within 60 days of buying it, no questions asked, so will try their suggestions, and if it doesn't pan out into happiness, will indeed return it.

Having day off tomorrow, as C seems to need a mummy day. So he can choose what to do tomorrow, whether he wants to go to childcare or not, and how long, and to a degree what else we decide to do.

Midwife Cfirms bubs is fine, no changes except presumably they are bigger. But haven't dropped any further, so will do some more walking and see if I can encourage more dropping. Dog will think this is a good thing.

Actually achieved something at work today, including designing a question the form destroyer understood and liked. You have no idea what a major achievement this is. She can take a simple question and turn it into a snarled mess of Cfused ideas and misinterpreted words. I have no idea how she has ever got herself registered at Uni.

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April 28, 2004

its the little things...

Last week installed Norton Internet Security. Lost internet Cnection, including email capabilities. Spent nigh on 3 hours with paradise, trying to restore the situation back to the happy times. Half succeeded, as you can see, because I can now use Explorer again. That means I can do web mail, which is better than nothing. Have written to symantec, asking if I can return this package, and downgrade back to just the Antivirus program. Might be tricky, as I bought it off the internet, and how do they know I have purged the hard drive?

The siamese is going through an excessively attentive and affectionate phase, as I have discovered she likes to be scratched quite hard up and down her back, and she is trying to get me to do it all the time. It has taken a year to find this out... I am a slow learner.

Baby fine, midwife couldn't see me yesterday as she had to go to a delivery. I would not like her job, it took all night before the baby got delivered, so she had no sleep. I need my sleep, and I need lots of sleep.

Only 1.5 weeks to go now, then home all day. Can fight internet and Norton all day then instead of just a couple of hours. Yay!

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April 22, 2004

Met, set, go

Had a booking today for a single meeting that was to go from 8.30 till 3, basically until we had a decision. Finished 10, with a decision. The thought of being there all day focuses the mind!

So had the marvellous opportunity to go to another meeting, as I had now had time. Met with the boss. Good thing.

Met with the enforcement agency. Another Good thing, and was really neat hearing about the next scheduled meeting which I won't be going to. Lovely to miss a meeting!

Got up this morning to hear the news about Basra. Told the Leader, who looked pretty nonchalant. I know this to be a deliberate ploy - he wants to be posted to Iraq. I have said no, but Afghanistan is possible. He would still like to go to Iraq. I feel for the NZ engineers partners back here, who will be worrying no doubt. Just because they are all home in barracks doesn't really indicate they are safe, and it is the not knowing what is going on and what the barracks are really like etc that gives you plenty of room to worry. I can say this with some authority, as the Leader was in Timor when Leonard Manning got shot, having gone to replace someone who died there. Even if you keep the worry well buried, it pops out now and again which in my case results in bursting into tears at odd moments. It was good to hear that they are at least Csidering bringing the NZer's home, as the security situation means they are not getting a lot of work done.

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April 20, 2004


Much better today health wise. Baby making more normal movements, and no Ctractions. Feel good actually. Midwife reckons it was the baby getting more engaged. Nifty

As I feel good today and left work for the 2.30 train I am going to do some thesis today which will make me feel even better.

Went to the national woolcraft festival in the weekend and bought lots of stuff. Stuff that I have wanted for some time and have a use for though, rather than spontaneous and later regretted stuff. Books are so expensive though, and very heavy to carry round. Interesting how the festival has changed over the years with a greater emphasis on art type pieces in the exhibition and fantasy type clothes in the fashion competition. Not much room for the hand-spun hand-knit jersey of coloured undyed wool. Looks more exciting I reckon. Some of the craft aspect is fading though with some of the stuff that is made for the fashion part particularly very inclined to fall apart if worn more than twice.

Got some proper leadership and decision making happening at work today. Rather novel. Rather good.

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April 19, 2004


Felt like crap this afternoon - baby kicking inbetween (practise) Ctractions. Came home - what is maternity leave for if not for these situations?

I can only see two outcomes to the Israeli habit of killing Palestinian leaders - one is that they will be having many more bombings in Israel. Suicide bombers don't need leadership or infrastructure, so the loss of leaders only serves to inspire them with revenge motivation. The other is that the Israeli's will have no-one to negotiate peace with, even if they ever get to that point. I can't see any future peace in the region, its actually like the Americans and Israeli's are no longer interested in peace, just in what they can get in the way of land. And I used to be so pro-Israeli too...

And then to make sure there are semi-complex issues to grapple with, there's the foreshore and seabed thing here. It seems to me that any issue that unites the tribes and the Act party must be unusual to say the least. I have no idea why the Labour party has chosen this course of action - but I must be surrounded by bleeding heart liberals or something - surely someone thinks this is a good solution? Who are they - how many votes are we talking about?? I see the head girl (HC) is not on holiday at the moment, politics must be hotting up!

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April 14, 2004

Clickity clack clunk

Was fairly late to work as the train fell apart this morning - the pantographs on the top fell down. No touch-em power line, no train go-em.

Day was utterly flat out, with no lunch break and a very long meeting.

Have little else to say - have almost nothing happening in my head. I need to read the paper or something, so I have more to comment on! Have been vaguely keeping up with the Iraq situation, but have nothing to add - the Americans ain't doing no good, and there are so many people saying that I don't feel like adding to the chorus - there are some really well thought out and Csidered words, I'm only going to be saying I agree...

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April 13, 2004

Part time at last

Back from smelly Rotorua. Hearing went well, Csideration is progressing okay.

Spent 3 days at bro-in-laws. Spent one of those days cleaning in his kitchen, while hubby cleaned in the bathroom. Not being fussy, just required for good health while we stayed. He is letting someone stay for no rent in return for cleaning, and they are not even beginning to keep their side of the bargain. B-i-L rather a soft touch...

Visited friends in Waiouru. They are well but counting down the days to getting out of Waiouru. Don't blame them. Very grim there.

Travelling with a small child is an exercise in tolerance and patience. Only failed a little bit!, glad we broke the trip up and didn't try to do Hlton to Upper Hutt in one hit.

Just lovely walking out of work at 3 today. Midwife very happy with progress, bubs has moved south a bit, which C never did, so all looking well for normal labour. Yipee (I think, still scares me a bit/lot). Looking forward to walking out again tomorrow!!!

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April 05, 2004

And they're off

Off to the hearing in Rotorua. Normally dealing with staff is no problem and dealing with the board is fraught with difficulty - today that was reversed. Staff (certain members) are seeing shadows in the dark, while the board are being quite pragmatic. Should be a interesting day on Wednesday. I'm quite looking forward to it now. And the office mob are getting wound up about other things, so have got Off My Back.

Went to the gym today. Have not been able to do much for the past few months except work on the arms and a few squats. Noticed today the arms are looking pretty fit and "cut", especially Csidering I have now topped the 10kg weight gain - looks like I will gain more this time.

Sent another chapter off to the leader in the weekend - always feel like I have really achieved something when I do that. Even if all I have done to it is re-number graphs...

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April 02, 2004


Yesterday I was sent two lists of things to do, one of which was copied to a large range of people at work. I find it offensive to be treated like a 14 year old left at home alone for the first time. Some of the things I have been asked to do are so offensively OBVIOUS (like take a copy of the Act with you to the hearing) I imagine I must appear very stupid. But I know that is not the case.

I find Winston Peters saying "The fact of the matter is...." offensive - invariably, when I listen to the rest of the sentence, I believe what he is saying is neither factual, relevant or true. Some days, I just find Winston offensive...

I find all pornography offensive - I am offended that anyone is regarded as an object to be oogled, whether male or female, old, young or indeterminate.

I find some people's wealth offensive, especially when they don't make even token efforts to share it round.

I find people treating my friends' guide dogs as being sweet or cute offensive - they are working dogs, and no cuter or more highly trained than a heading dog.

I am offended by the lazyness that leads to littering - I have no idea why it is so hard to carry rubbish to a bin.

All racism is offensive.

I am going to stop there - its too easy to write negative stuff!

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