April 22, 2004

Met, set, go

Had a booking today for a single meeting that was to go from 8.30 till 3, basically until we had a decision. Finished 10, with a decision. The thought of being there all day focuses the mind!

So had the marvellous opportunity to go to another meeting, as I had now had time. Met with the boss. Good thing.

Met with the enforcement agency. Another Good thing, and was really neat hearing about the next scheduled meeting which I won't be going to. Lovely to miss a meeting!

Got up this morning to hear the news about Basra. Told the Leader, who looked pretty nonchalant. I know this to be a deliberate ploy - he wants to be posted to Iraq. I have said no, but Afghanistan is possible. He would still like to go to Iraq. I feel for the NZ engineers partners back here, who will be worrying no doubt. Just because they are all home in barracks doesn't really indicate they are safe, and it is the not knowing what is going on and what the barracks are really like etc that gives you plenty of room to worry. I can say this with some authority, as the Leader was in Timor when Leonard Manning got shot, having gone to replace someone who died there. Even if you keep the worry well buried, it pops out now and again which in my case results in bursting into tears at odd moments. It was good to hear that they are at least Csidering bringing the NZer's home, as the security situation means they are not getting a lot of work done.

Posted by Toni at April 22, 2004 04:59 PM