April 20, 2004


Much better today health wise. Baby making more normal movements, and no Ctractions. Feel good actually. Midwife reckons it was the baby getting more engaged. Nifty

As I feel good today and left work for the 2.30 train I am going to do some thesis today which will make me feel even better.

Went to the national woolcraft festival in the weekend and bought lots of stuff. Stuff that I have wanted for some time and have a use for though, rather than spontaneous and later regretted stuff. Books are so expensive though, and very heavy to carry round. Interesting how the festival has changed over the years with a greater emphasis on art type pieces in the exhibition and fantasy type clothes in the fashion competition. Not much room for the hand-spun hand-knit jersey of coloured undyed wool. Looks more exciting I reckon. Some of the craft aspect is fading though with some of the stuff that is made for the fashion part particularly very inclined to fall apart if worn more than twice.

Got some proper leadership and decision making happening at work today. Rather novel. Rather good.

Posted by Toni at April 20, 2004 03:53 PM