April 28, 2004

its the little things...

Last week installed Norton Internet Security. Lost internet Cnection, including email capabilities. Spent nigh on 3 hours with paradise, trying to restore the situation back to the happy times. Half succeeded, as you can see, because I can now use Explorer again. That means I can do web mail, which is better than nothing. Have written to symantec, asking if I can return this package, and downgrade back to just the Antivirus program. Might be tricky, as I bought it off the internet, and how do they know I have purged the hard drive?

The siamese is going through an excessively attentive and affectionate phase, as I have discovered she likes to be scratched quite hard up and down her back, and she is trying to get me to do it all the time. It has taken a year to find this out... I am a slow learner.

Baby fine, midwife couldn't see me yesterday as she had to go to a delivery. I would not like her job, it took all night before the baby got delivered, so she had no sleep. I need my sleep, and I need lots of sleep.

Only 1.5 weeks to go now, then home all day. Can fight internet and Norton all day then instead of just a couple of hours. Yay!

Posted by Toni at April 28, 2004 04:37 PM