April 29, 2004

Ctinuous moaning

still fighting the good fight with Norton. Wrote to their site, and got some real actual help, which included the information that I could return their product within 60 days of buying it, no questions asked, so will try their suggestions, and if it doesn't pan out into happiness, will indeed return it.

Having day off tomorrow, as C seems to need a mummy day. So he can choose what to do tomorrow, whether he wants to go to childcare or not, and how long, and to a degree what else we decide to do.

Midwife Cfirms bubs is fine, no changes except presumably they are bigger. But haven't dropped any further, so will do some more walking and see if I can encourage more dropping. Dog will think this is a good thing.

Actually achieved something at work today, including designing a question the form destroyer understood and liked. You have no idea what a major achievement this is. She can take a simple question and turn it into a snarled mess of Cfused ideas and misinterpreted words. I have no idea how she has ever got herself registered at Uni.

Posted by Toni at April 29, 2004 08:47 PM