April 13, 2004

Part time at last

Back from smelly Rotorua. Hearing went well, Csideration is progressing okay.

Spent 3 days at bro-in-laws. Spent one of those days cleaning in his kitchen, while hubby cleaned in the bathroom. Not being fussy, just required for good health while we stayed. He is letting someone stay for no rent in return for cleaning, and they are not even beginning to keep their side of the bargain. B-i-L rather a soft touch...

Visited friends in Waiouru. They are well but counting down the days to getting out of Waiouru. Don't blame them. Very grim there.

Travelling with a small child is an exercise in tolerance and patience. Only failed a little bit!, glad we broke the trip up and didn't try to do Hlton to Upper Hutt in one hit.

Just lovely walking out of work at 3 today. Midwife very happy with progress, bubs has moved south a bit, which C never did, so all looking well for normal labour. Yipee (I think, still scares me a bit/lot). Looking forward to walking out again tomorrow!!!

Posted by Toni at April 13, 2004 07:27 PM