April 05, 2004

And they're off

Off to the hearing in Rotorua. Normally dealing with staff is no problem and dealing with the board is fraught with difficulty - today that was reversed. Staff (certain members) are seeing shadows in the dark, while the board are being quite pragmatic. Should be a interesting day on Wednesday. I'm quite looking forward to it now. And the office mob are getting wound up about other things, so have got Off My Back.

Went to the gym today. Have not been able to do much for the past few months except work on the arms and a few squats. Noticed today the arms are looking pretty fit and "cut", especially Csidering I have now topped the 10kg weight gain - looks like I will gain more this time.

Sent another chapter off to the leader in the weekend - always feel like I have really achieved something when I do that. Even if all I have done to it is re-number graphs...

Posted by Toni at April 5, 2004 07:45 PM