November 30, 2006

What's up?

So on Tuesday I had the movement audition. Beau and I were also supposed to see the priest, but since that was in Island Bay and the Audition was in Porirua and then they moved my audition forward, we had to cancel the priest meeting. Will this wedding never be organised???

Anyhoo, I rocked along to the theatre at 8.30 as requested and the 7.45 audition was just taking place. Gyah. Many women there, some much more dancer looking than me. All were stressed. They showed us a routine that they didn't expect us to be able to do, apparently just wanted to see how we can move/ how we look. I think I was probably better at this that some people, but there were over 30 women auditioning and they only want 15. :(

I want to know if I'm in or not, but won't know for ages, 'cause they are doing more auditions later in the week and then there is the possibility of call backs later on. I sooo want to know so that I have a better idea of what I am doing next year, ie am I going to go with Beau to Mastertron or not?

Anyhoo, I was saying when I was leaving that "I just want to know, I'm only going for chorus after all" and one of the the organisers was like, "maybe they are thinking of you for more than that" and I was like "I don't think so" and she was like "we'll be seeing you here again". She didn't have anything to do with the audition process, but she did see some of the audition stuff... so good sign? Argh, must not get hopes up when they are likely to be *crushed*.

In wedding news, underbust prototype is almost finished. Just need to insert eyelets and bind the top and bottom. It looks really cute! I'm glad I chose to make it up in such a wearable colour.

I need to call about getting wedding rings made, talk to caterers, call all people who haven't RSVPd, go to dressmakers, get the invites that still haven't been sent out off Beau, I don't know where he's put them and the stamps, the RSVP date is already passed for crying out loud!! *de-stress, de-stress, distress!* Have dentist's appointment and priest appointments next week. Need to make Monk appointment too. waah.

I haven't been to the gym for over a week, but I *have* to do wedding work. If i get the work I want to have done on the underbust tonight, I *will* go on the exercycle.

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November 26, 2006

Strung Out

Wedding yesterday went well:
The sermon was possibly the best I've heard! All the speeches were lovely. The bridal party were all reasonably well behaved. The band was cool and the food and drink was plentiful. Neither Beau nor I got completely trollied ;P

Now I am only responsible for my own wedding! *yikes*

Today I had an audition. Scary stuff, auditioning. Standing up in front of 3 people. This time on an actual stage. Had some voice shaking and blanked out at one poiny, but 'twas ok. They had me do parts of the song 2 more times! Once lying on the couch being sultry (?!) and another time with movements to match my voice... namely, big! They also questioned me on the characters. Yikes. I think it went OK. They're auditioning about 40 people. I thought there was more interest, and I'm wondering if it decreased since the news came out that Wellington Musical Theatre is doing Highschool Musical. Maybe I should audition for that too! I ponder.

Time for sewing and possibly tupperware!

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November 23, 2006

Sohpie is all Wrapped Up

Yesterday we filmed the final scenes with me in them. Sophie and Mark meeting after memory wipe and Sophie and Mark's wedding.

I like getting to be a show pony. It's fun having lines and being filmed. It's nice to know that due to layers of make-up your skin looks smooth and one tone.

I found the meeting scene hard, but the actual filming of it was pretty easy. I thought I'd have to do heaps more takes due to weird emotive facials, maybe I still will, but we actually spent less time shooting my close-ups than setting up the lighting. Acting confused/joyful at a step or a branch was ok.

The wedding stuff was just silliness. I wore the dress that I wore to the Fairytale LARP and as an extra (same night) in "It's a Wonderful Library". I had pinned up the 'wrap' to be veil-like and it really worked. N had us doing mad/cheesey stuff like waving at the camera and the people off camera, cuddling, kissing, multiple shots of Mark "putting the wedding ring on" and us running into the distance, and then back again. I still find it strange to have various people including Leelee's wife tell us that we make a really cute couple.

Argh, must go to staff meeting.

Other cool stuff, have been practising for audition with music teacher seems to be going well. Will be auditioning on Sunday.

Have been busy getting ready for bridesmaidsing on Sat! Have worn highheels everyday this week, so far, getting practice in.

Have had several yummy salads, but not much gymming.

Was given a bolt of grey wool last week and then yesterday a fourth former I don't even teach gave me 2 YUKATA!!

Sometimes I just believe that the world loves me.

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November 18, 2006

On not being Sophie

Did more filming today. I thought we were going to be filming the "Sophie-Mark meet again" and "wedding" scenes, but weather was a bit too stink.

We did manage to film the scene with Mark one his way to work. Good work to our crowd of 5! I got to be camera person, which is pretty cool, although all it really involved for me was pressing a red button once all the shots had been lined up and worked out. Still!

We also got to see the rushes and then the edited scenes from last week! It is looking very good. Go that Editor! Leelee and I aren't too bad either. He and I both have a hard time watching anything on the screen that isn't us doing something strange. eg, Lee hates his voice, I don't mind mine tooo much (OMG I SOUND SOOO ASIAN), but must stare at the horror of double chin. Hearing me laugh again and again over the toast was a bit odd.

The bloopers reel is gonna be great 'cause all the falling looks *awesome*.

It's funny to talk about how I was told off for looking like I was going to kiss Leelee and then Not. I was told off by Leelee's wife!

Sophie has a *very* cheeky grin.

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November 17, 2006

Meal of Many Colours

Yesterday I had dinner at Evie and Jarratt's and it was vegetarian and delicious. Especially good 'cause it had fresh peas and I love them and didn't realise they were available, so I'll be heading to the supermarket for some of those shortly. Naughty Giffy hasn't brought her lunch for the last 3 days!

While there, Darchi helped me puzzle out how to faux tie my Obi, so I'm wearing it today and feel very styley.

Meh, I should be marking... so, finding things to write about:

Oh, Dad says there is a Russian Festival on soon:
Sat 25 Nov
11:00 am to 4:00 pm
St John's Conference Center
Willis/Dixon Wellington

I can't go 'cause of Stoozle's wedding.

We're also planning a walk for the 10th of December. Any ideas of where?

Other exercise is going ok. Went gymming yesterday. Hope to go exercycling tonight, but want people to see me in my cute outfit and don't know if I can be bothered getting changed once I'm in exercise gear.

For wedding underbust: Have taken apart the mock-up, time to adjust the pattern and begin cutting out pieces. I should also cut and file boning!

Hen's/Bachelorette party being organised for Sat 23rd Dec

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November 15, 2006

On Being Sophie - for Jenni

The Saturday before last, I auditioned for and "won" the lead female part in "Missing" a short film written by Leelee. I'm pretty pleased I got it, but I also know that the other people weren't really trying that hard to get that role anyways. In some ways, that makes it easier for me to be pleased about it, 'cause all the people I was "against" are my friends and it'd be a bit stink if I did get the role and they were really disappointed that they didn't. Hmm.

Last Friday we had a rehearsal of the script. It was fun. I got to do some stuff to make Sophie mine. She's kinda tricksy and fun. I had Lee being dragged onto the couch and then us both falling off! I also got to implement a script change! I suggested that a scene take place just outside a house, instead of in a doorway! The *drama*!

On Sat we started filming. The first scene was one of Mark(male lead, played by Leelee) and Sophie jogging together. It was sunny and warm, which was good for us, but it was windy and full of helicopter noises, which wasn't so great for the sound. I had fun running backwards and forwards with Lee, but after like the 10th time saying the same line, it became pretty meaningless.

In the rehearsal on Friday we played with the idea that Mark would pick Sophie up at the end of the scene and it was working and a possibility, however on the day of actual filming we filmed from a different direction than we rehearsed, so Leelee had to use his off hand and dropped me... and then he fell too... Ahh, more falling ensued when leelee ran backwards over a bit of slippery terrain. The blooper reel should be pretty awesome.

After that silliness, we headed over to Leelee's sis's place and ate lunch and filmed the bedroom scenes. That bed was nice and comfy and it was unfair that I had to keep getting out of it, whereas Leelee got to stay in it *all* afternoon. Also, for some reason, stuffing pieces of incredibly dry toast into my mouth makes me crack up... although that may also have been tiredness.

We also filmed the couch falling scene many times and by the end of it I was getting *very* tired. I did not get tired of the various people who told me I was doing a good job and that I looked good on film. I'll take their word for it. I'm so used to seeing myself front on, that I kinda hate the look of me from the side etc and I imagine that there will be a fair amount of that. Also the horror of my voice and the fact that my belly will be pooted out. *shudder*

More filming this weekend, the wedding scene and the meeting outside scene. Must practise being happy/unsure.


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November 12, 2006

Does it seem like forever?

I've been feeling down for most of the past week, even though lots of cool stuff has been happening for me. I put it down to lack of sleep and overstressed teenagers, 'cause once both of those things were dealt with this weekend I began to feel better.

Also, Beau and I haven't seen much of each other. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow 'cause today he's working until 11 and so will be staying over at the hospital.

If you've seen me in the past week and want me to blog about stuff we've/I've done, you must comment. I mostly feel like blogging about today. The other stuff just seems too huge! Although I have seen a lot of Jenni and that is good :)

Today has been pretty good. I got up earliesh today to drop Beau off at work. I also thought I'd go to the gym and deliver some invites and maybe visit Evie. 1/3 ain't all bad, right?

Anyhoo, I dropped of invites at Sok's and Cookie's houses and spent time visiting with both and they both gave me tea and breakfast. Awesome. I've briefly seen Sokky in the past couple of weeks, but haven't had any quality time and I haven't talked to Cookie for months and I quite, quite adore her. I love having friends where it is ok not to see them for a while and when you do, you can fall into that easy conversation.

By the time I'd finished with that it was after noon, so I rushed into town and got badges made for my form class. Our last form time is on Tuesday and they've done well to get this far ;). Also had yummy lunch at the Wakefield Market, sadly, it looks like the Calypso food place has closed down. boos.

Got home and noone else was around so settled in for PS2 time! Haven't played any for ages. Eventually muggle and pirip arrived and wanted to watch a DVD so I did something I've been meaning to do for a long time, namely sewed the mock-up for my wedding underbust.

Now I need to take it apart and sew the prototype. However, the fabric I have for the prototype is pink cotton rip-stop, and I'm now thinking I should give it a fashion fabric that I might actually want to wear... I'll think about it. There is much more work before it is finished!

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November 10, 2006

She Won!

Jo got over 9000 votes, pretty amazing! I don't think I'd be able to manage that many votes for me.

That's about $2000 she can spend on somehting else and she *really* likes this dress, so that's awesome.

Why is stuff so expensive?

Why can't I go to bed earlier?

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November 08, 2006

Vote Jo!

A friend of mine is in the running for a free wedding dress through a MoreFM competition. Please support her in this. You need to go here and get a username, log-in etc.

You can only vote once... for Jo Thomas!

I wish *my* wedding dress was free.

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November 02, 2006

wedding freak-out

We need to print off more wedding invite pictures.

Pirip deleted them.

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