November 18, 2006

On not being Sophie

Did more filming today. I thought we were going to be filming the "Sophie-Mark meet again" and "wedding" scenes, but weather was a bit too stink.

We did manage to film the scene with Mark one his way to work. Good work to our crowd of 5! I got to be camera person, which is pretty cool, although all it really involved for me was pressing a red button once all the shots had been lined up and worked out. Still!

We also got to see the rushes and then the edited scenes from last week! It is looking very good. Go that Editor! Leelee and I aren't too bad either. He and I both have a hard time watching anything on the screen that isn't us doing something strange. eg, Lee hates his voice, I don't mind mine tooo much (OMG I SOUND SOOO ASIAN), but must stare at the horror of double chin. Hearing me laugh again and again over the toast was a bit odd.

The bloopers reel is gonna be great 'cause all the falling looks *awesome*.

It's funny to talk about how I was told off for looking like I was going to kiss Leelee and then Not. I was told off by Leelee's wife!

Sophie has a *very* cheeky grin.

Point of Fashion: I *could* go and exercise
Current Obsession: Must get teeth whitened before the wedding

Posted by giffy at November 18, 2006 06:46 PM