November 23, 2006

Sohpie is all Wrapped Up

Yesterday we filmed the final scenes with me in them. Sophie and Mark meeting after memory wipe and Sophie and Mark's wedding.

I like getting to be a show pony. It's fun having lines and being filmed. It's nice to know that due to layers of make-up your skin looks smooth and one tone.

I found the meeting scene hard, but the actual filming of it was pretty easy. I thought I'd have to do heaps more takes due to weird emotive facials, maybe I still will, but we actually spent less time shooting my close-ups than setting up the lighting. Acting confused/joyful at a step or a branch was ok.

The wedding stuff was just silliness. I wore the dress that I wore to the Fairytale LARP and as an extra (same night) in "It's a Wonderful Library". I had pinned up the 'wrap' to be veil-like and it really worked. N had us doing mad/cheesey stuff like waving at the camera and the people off camera, cuddling, kissing, multiple shots of Mark "putting the wedding ring on" and us running into the distance, and then back again. I still find it strange to have various people including Leelee's wife tell us that we make a really cute couple.

Argh, must go to staff meeting.

Other cool stuff, have been practising for audition with music teacher seems to be going well. Will be auditioning on Sunday.

Have been busy getting ready for bridesmaidsing on Sat! Have worn highheels everyday this week, so far, getting practice in.

Have had several yummy salads, but not much gymming.

Was given a bolt of grey wool last week and then yesterday a fourth former I don't even teach gave me 2 YUKATA!!

Sometimes I just believe that the world loves me.

Point of Fashion: cold and boots
Current Obsession: time

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