November 26, 2006

Strung Out

Wedding yesterday went well:
The sermon was possibly the best I've heard! All the speeches were lovely. The bridal party were all reasonably well behaved. The band was cool and the food and drink was plentiful. Neither Beau nor I got completely trollied ;P

Now I am only responsible for my own wedding! *yikes*

Today I had an audition. Scary stuff, auditioning. Standing up in front of 3 people. This time on an actual stage. Had some voice shaking and blanked out at one poiny, but 'twas ok. They had me do parts of the song 2 more times! Once lying on the couch being sultry (?!) and another time with movements to match my voice... namely, big! They also questioned me on the characters. Yikes. I think it went OK. They're auditioning about 40 people. I thought there was more interest, and I'm wondering if it decreased since the news came out that Wellington Musical Theatre is doing Highschool Musical. Maybe I should audition for that too! I ponder.

Time for sewing and possibly tupperware!

Point of Fashion: Nice Legs
Current Obsession: Chicago

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