November 30, 2006

What's up?

So on Tuesday I had the movement audition. Beau and I were also supposed to see the priest, but since that was in Island Bay and the Audition was in Porirua and then they moved my audition forward, we had to cancel the priest meeting. Will this wedding never be organised???

Anyhoo, I rocked along to the theatre at 8.30 as requested and the 7.45 audition was just taking place. Gyah. Many women there, some much more dancer looking than me. All were stressed. They showed us a routine that they didn't expect us to be able to do, apparently just wanted to see how we can move/ how we look. I think I was probably better at this that some people, but there were over 30 women auditioning and they only want 15. :(

I want to know if I'm in or not, but won't know for ages, 'cause they are doing more auditions later in the week and then there is the possibility of call backs later on. I sooo want to know so that I have a better idea of what I am doing next year, ie am I going to go with Beau to Mastertron or not?

Anyhoo, I was saying when I was leaving that "I just want to know, I'm only going for chorus after all" and one of the the organisers was like, "maybe they are thinking of you for more than that" and I was like "I don't think so" and she was like "we'll be seeing you here again". She didn't have anything to do with the audition process, but she did see some of the audition stuff... so good sign? Argh, must not get hopes up when they are likely to be *crushed*.

In wedding news, underbust prototype is almost finished. Just need to insert eyelets and bind the top and bottom. It looks really cute! I'm glad I chose to make it up in such a wearable colour.

I need to call about getting wedding rings made, talk to caterers, call all people who haven't RSVPd, go to dressmakers, get the invites that still haven't been sent out off Beau, I don't know where he's put them and the stamps, the RSVP date is already passed for crying out loud!! *de-stress, de-stress, distress!* Have dentist's appointment and priest appointments next week. Need to make Monk appointment too. waah.

I haven't been to the gym for over a week, but I *have* to do wedding work. If i get the work I want to have done on the underbust tonight, I *will* go on the exercycle.

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