November 15, 2006

On Being Sophie - for Jenni

The Saturday before last, I auditioned for and "won" the lead female part in "Missing" a short film written by Leelee. I'm pretty pleased I got it, but I also know that the other people weren't really trying that hard to get that role anyways. In some ways, that makes it easier for me to be pleased about it, 'cause all the people I was "against" are my friends and it'd be a bit stink if I did get the role and they were really disappointed that they didn't. Hmm.

Last Friday we had a rehearsal of the script. It was fun. I got to do some stuff to make Sophie mine. She's kinda tricksy and fun. I had Lee being dragged onto the couch and then us both falling off! I also got to implement a script change! I suggested that a scene take place just outside a house, instead of in a doorway! The *drama*!

On Sat we started filming. The first scene was one of Mark(male lead, played by Leelee) and Sophie jogging together. It was sunny and warm, which was good for us, but it was windy and full of helicopter noises, which wasn't so great for the sound. I had fun running backwards and forwards with Lee, but after like the 10th time saying the same line, it became pretty meaningless.

In the rehearsal on Friday we played with the idea that Mark would pick Sophie up at the end of the scene and it was working and a possibility, however on the day of actual filming we filmed from a different direction than we rehearsed, so Leelee had to use his off hand and dropped me... and then he fell too... Ahh, more falling ensued when leelee ran backwards over a bit of slippery terrain. The blooper reel should be pretty awesome.

After that silliness, we headed over to Leelee's sis's place and ate lunch and filmed the bedroom scenes. That bed was nice and comfy and it was unfair that I had to keep getting out of it, whereas Leelee got to stay in it *all* afternoon. Also, for some reason, stuffing pieces of incredibly dry toast into my mouth makes me crack up... although that may also have been tiredness.

We also filmed the couch falling scene many times and by the end of it I was getting *very* tired. I did not get tired of the various people who told me I was doing a good job and that I looked good on film. I'll take their word for it. I'm so used to seeing myself front on, that I kinda hate the look of me from the side etc and I imagine that there will be a fair amount of that. Also the horror of my voice and the fact that my belly will be pooted out. *shudder*

More filming this weekend, the wedding scene and the meeting outside scene. Must practise being happy/unsure.


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