November 12, 2006

Does it seem like forever?

I've been feeling down for most of the past week, even though lots of cool stuff has been happening for me. I put it down to lack of sleep and overstressed teenagers, 'cause once both of those things were dealt with this weekend I began to feel better.

Also, Beau and I haven't seen much of each other. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow 'cause today he's working until 11 and so will be staying over at the hospital.

If you've seen me in the past week and want me to blog about stuff we've/I've done, you must comment. I mostly feel like blogging about today. The other stuff just seems too huge! Although I have seen a lot of Jenni and that is good :)

Today has been pretty good. I got up earliesh today to drop Beau off at work. I also thought I'd go to the gym and deliver some invites and maybe visit Evie. 1/3 ain't all bad, right?

Anyhoo, I dropped of invites at Sok's and Cookie's houses and spent time visiting with both and they both gave me tea and breakfast. Awesome. I've briefly seen Sokky in the past couple of weeks, but haven't had any quality time and I haven't talked to Cookie for months and I quite, quite adore her. I love having friends where it is ok not to see them for a while and when you do, you can fall into that easy conversation.

By the time I'd finished with that it was after noon, so I rushed into town and got badges made for my form class. Our last form time is on Tuesday and they've done well to get this far ;). Also had yummy lunch at the Wakefield Market, sadly, it looks like the Calypso food place has closed down. boos.

Got home and noone else was around so settled in for PS2 time! Haven't played any for ages. Eventually muggle and pirip arrived and wanted to watch a DVD so I did something I've been meaning to do for a long time, namely sewed the mock-up for my wedding underbust.

Now I need to take it apart and sew the prototype. However, the fabric I have for the prototype is pink cotton rip-stop, and I'm now thinking I should give it a fashion fabric that I might actually want to wear... I'll think about it. There is much more work before it is finished!

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