December 24, 2006

Hens Party

Was Awesome!

Highlights for me include:

Swimming in very cold and then soaking in very warm water.
Convincing others to joing me in taking their clothes off and wave them around!
Having a 4 year old try to "pick my flower".
Memories from friends.
Watching Friends play Font of Fame (aka Celebrities) and be brilliant especially in the 3 word round where my 2 sisters were amazing:
M: Brings Cold..
B: Jack Frost!
M: Brings Presents..
B: Santa!
M: Brings "Sham-on"!..
Foot rubs and Facials.
Just spending time with wonderful women :)

Lots more, but I'm drawing a blank. It was a wonderful day and night.

Point of Fashion: Pastel cute!
Current Obsession: Christmas is tomorrow!

PS Evie, I have got a 1L bottle of Baileys waiting for y-ou!!

Please share *your* highlights! Can be from *any* "stag" or "hens" party.

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December 21, 2006

Shouldn't be Here

Supposed to be out doing wedding stuff, but that doesn't seem to be happening. I better go kick Beau out of bed!

I'm still lacking in motivation, but things will be done today! I look forward to rpg tonight.

Just like to do a shout out to my awesome friends and family who are helping me out in heaps of ways.

point of fashion: bed head
Current obsession: How many people are infected by my stress.

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December 17, 2006

The many stages of Wedding Planning

Today I reached the stage where I was crying and tempted to give up on the whole wedding thing. All thanks may go to my mother.

Point of Fashion: Red eyed
Current Obsession: Wedding Planning

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A bit of Cheer!

I am definitely not going with my beloved to Masterton, because I am in Chicago!! Yessss! I am in the chorus, understudying for one of the Cell Block Tango wenches and possibly dancing! Wooot!

That is all ;)

point of fashion: Pjs
Current Obsession:Wedding Presents

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December 14, 2006

Best Sister Ever

Muggle organised a new phone for me! (sibling combined X-mas and wedding present) I still have my old number, but I have none of yours.

Please text me your number(s) along with your name and even address.


Point of Fashion: X-mas Elf
Current Obsession: New Pink Phone!

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December 13, 2006

First the Bad News

My handbag got stolen today while I was picking out wedding shoes. Someone wandered into Mischief shoes on Manners St and walked out again with my handbag... and my cellphone, my diary and my keys.

I had $14 of cash! My cellphone is old and scratched, as is the handbag itself. All cards were cancelled within about 15min. They'll simply have taken whatever they thought worth taking and then biffed the bag somewhere. I just hope it gets found and handed in. I want those numbers and addresses in my diary and phone, I need to plan this wedding! I also want my work, home and car keys, but still not as much as the diary and phone.

It'll probably be at least a week until I get my new credit and eftpos cards, so somehow I'll be dealing without that much money and that'll put somewhat of a crimp on my christmas present buying.

I've cried enough over my own naivety. Why couldn't I have held onto it? Bah.

So, please look around if you are in town tomorrow. Maybe you'll spot a little denim handbag?

On the plus side, I did get wedding shoes.

Point of Fashion: Bright and shiny
Current Obsession: Trying not to dwell

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December 08, 2006

Cass is unhappy

Yesterday we played Episode 4 of the 4th season of Slayers East. It was my character Cass' spotlight episode.

Cass' main issue for the season so far is feeling isolated and seperate from the others, being the new girl, but not really new, in town. Her somewhat older boyfriend was living back in NY while she had been exiled to Exeter. Morgue and I had decided that in this episode, Bene, her boyfriend would come to Exeter and break up with her.

So, I knew it was coming and I had to decide how she would react, which wasn't really how I expected.

When I first started this game, I thought Cass was gonna be this Sassy Fashionista and she kinda is, but she is also the first real Loner character that I've ever played. She's turned out to be reasonable reserved. Very.... cool and distanced. She makes an effort to hang out with the others, she goes to places and talks with them about stuff, but she is still feeling very much on the outside. She feels things strongly, but doesn't really show it. She internalises a lot.

One of the scenes morgue set had Cass walking in on her teacher and another NPC discussing her relationship with her boyfriend and how he had said that he was going to break up with her. She just watched them, absorbed what they had to say and moved on. I worried that it might have come across as me being lame and unable to think of a way to react, but that wasn't the case and I think the others got it.

At the end of the episode we had shots of what the others were up to, including Cynth and Candy assuming that Cass was with Bene shacked up in a hotel room. They didn't know that Bene had rather abruptly broken up with Cass and the last image was her walking into her house, past her grandmother, up to her unlit room, closing the door and collapsing, sobbing, on her bed.

It upset me, I kinda wanted to cry and I'm still a bit upset by it. It was a very good game. Hopefully others will blog about all the other fun stuff ("I AM THE SLAYER!") that happened. This is just the stuff that I dwell on.

Point of Fashion: cold
Current Obsession: procrastination

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December 07, 2006

Wedding Plans Progress

Much wedding stuff has been done this week!

Have seen caterers, dressmaker and priest!
Have requested MCs!
Have been to the dentist for the first time in about 4 years!
Have requested photographers!
Have reminded various people about RSVPing and have gotten more RSVPs.
Have had wonderful Jackie emailing and organising wedding favours.
Have not done any exercise for 2 weeks :(

It is madness, but things are getting done.

The catering talk was great. The caterers are my cousin and her husband, who own a spit roast company. Their wedding gift to us is extra staff and desserts! Awesome. They were really good with helping us get this all organised as they have been at the venue before, plus have done about a million weddings. Plus, they had a thai-style wedding too, so can help us get a better idea of that side of it.

I need to order the boning and busk for my wedding underbust. The dressmaker is happy with the prototype and she wondered if I wanted to make some for her shop. Also had a workmate ask if I'd be interested in making one for her niece. I've decided I'll try to make one for muggle for her 25th present, I might also make Bambi one for her 21st. I'm not worried about making them for gifts(big event gifts), but I'm not comfortable about getting paid to make them.

The priest was super cool. I'm really happy with our decision to have a priest at our wedding and with my personal decision to allow any future children we have to be raised in the Catholic faith. I realise that an interfaith wedding like this used to be impossible. However, the church is moving with the times and I'm happy for that to be a part of my(our?) life.

I'm worried a bit about the photos. Beau and I have decided to save that $2K+ and have been asking people to be "official" photographers. Please volunteer if you wish! I don't want it to be an onerous task for anyone.

Beau is calling the reception venue to check on that end, he'll also hopefully be calling the monks and making a time to meet up again with them.

I have just printed off the Notice of Intended Marriage! Good Work Giffy! Paper work shall be done!

I need to buy shoes, wedding undies and bra and possible wedding jewelry.

Beau and I need to talk to Mum and find out who the person organising the thai wedding stuff (water pouring and string binding) is and how to get in contact with them.

Need to talk to make-up/hair person.

Need to get rest of RSVPs. Actually need to deliver a few invites still!

Point of Fashion: It shouldn't be this cold
I do NOT need to tell you what the current obsession is

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December 04, 2006

Busy busy busy

Attended a wedding on Saturday. It was quite lovely and very small, less than 30 people, so I felt very lucky to be invited, never mind that I fully intended to crash the ceremony anyway (had already recieved permission from the bride).

I wore my black and silver bridesmaids dress. I felt weird wearing black to a wedding, but again had express permission from the bride. She requested mandarin collar and it's the only dress i can fit that has one.

Earlier in the day I helped muggle with transporting new couch and chairs and disposing of old one. It was my first trip (that I recall) to the tip! Much nicer than I expected. Pirip's parents were visiting so he stayed at home and tidied! I wish they visited more ;) They also brought us much delicious food...mmmmm.

Beau and I had to leave the wedding early to join in his brother's 30th and SIL 31st birthday celebrations. Also had the return of a wandering sister with her fiancee, so it was basically a big family reunion. That brother and his wife won't be there at christmas, so they handed out their presents then. Each present came with a Mr Man or Little Miss book and you had to guess who's was whose. I got Little Miss Chatterbox and Beau got Mr Noisy (there wasn't any Mr LATE :).

We didn't get home until well after midnight and I stayed up too late reading a Maeve Binchy novel. I still managed to get up on Sunday and see people at Thorndon Fair. Got home and had Pirip's and muggle and my parents over for lunch. Then I had a nap and it was good.

Later on, Beau and I bumbled over to Svend's house and had Mavericks Pizza for dinner. Very nice. Svend was all about the fancy drinks and my water came with strawberry and lemon slices. We watched QI, then borrowed books and came home.

Long and not that interesting, but at least that big website isn't ruining stonesoup's front page anymore ;)

Point of Fashion: not bothered
Current Obsession: wedding

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December 01, 2006


Msgs from Dad:
Last month's walk up kauKau went well despite the weather.. here's a

So, its time for the next one.

*The Day* : Sunday 10 december 2006
*Meet *: either: 10:00am at platform ( wellington railway station if you
need a lift or are passing by there and can offer one. Please let giffy or
me know if you are needing a lift. *or:* 10:30am at the start of the
*The walk:* drive out to Eastbourne and keep on going South to the end of
the road. There is a parking area there. maybe toilets. We'll meet there.
Then walk along the beach and tracks etc to the lighthouse and maybe the
lakes. See all the info below. we should be back 3-ish or 4-ish.
*Bring:* usual protection from sun, rain, wind etc. strong shoes or boots.
lots of water. Lunch. cell phone. Friends.
*BBQ:* with luck we will be able to burn any sausages that present
themselves. also bring bread.
*latecomers*: The walk is out and back along the same track.. so you can
always follow and meet up at some stage. txt someone to find where we are.

Great! hope to see you

Giffy's Dad.

This band is really good. I was listening to their CDs a couple of
weeks back. Did you hear them on national programme interviews last

They have a gig 5:30pm Friday 1 dec at Old st Pauls.

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