January 31, 2007

A different tangent, job hunting

Today I have been on a mission to get work. I have emailed my CV to 3 different schools and have been in person and delivered it to another school.

Had a very positive response from that one and also *strong* interest from one who asked me to email and one of the other emailed schools said they didn't have much relief (private, so they tend to keep it in-house), but would definitely use me if some came up.

I already have work lined up for week 2 and I think that the school I visited would probably be pleased to hire me permanently as they just had a job come up, but I say no!

Now I need to do my performance CV and choose (possibly take) a photo and send that away to a talent agency. I'd just be keen to see if I could get any work from this.

Will eventually continue wedding post!

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January 28, 2007

Nothing to do with Wedding

So, I know what I'm supposed to be blogging about (wedding, honeymoon, kapcon) but I *need* to blog about today.

I was texted by my Mikado bud, Jessabelle and she told me she was being choreographer today for this 80's dance group she' s in and that I should go. I got hold of Sass and we both went.

It was sooo much silly fun. People in lycra leotards, leaping and playing air guitar. This *is* The Real Hot B1+ches (not normally symbols, just trying to keep the journal work safe). I know have a b-ig bruise on my left knee. Too much time being the dog, while Sass was being the walker.

Ahh, I wish I had more free time so that I could do this regularly and take part in some of the stuff they've got coming up (eg fringe festival, cuba st carnivale). Maybe after Chicago.

I need to go find my old Jazz costumes, if only to donate them for others to use!!

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January 23, 2007

The Day Before the Wedding


So, the day before the wedding was pretty mellow for me. Beau had been shipped off to his parents house days before so the house was my domain. I mostly just stayed at home finishing off the corset I had made to wear under my wedding dress. Muggle went to work, but came home early, so went for a quick mission with me to buy ribbon for lacing and some embroidery silk, in case I had enough time to do some embroidery, which I didn't.

I also managed to make it out and get my eye-brows done by the wonderful Grishma.

In the afternoon we went for the wedding rehearsal at the temple, which was really good for making sure everyone knew what was happening and where. I think this was especially good for Beau's youngest sister (youngling), who has some learning and physical disabilities and often finds it really hard going and staying at new places. The temple was especially difficult 'cause it only has a gravel driveway and it was really hard for her to move over that, either with her walker or wheel chair.

Beau's Joyous Mum and youngling were both really pleased when a fantail appeared and flew with them for a while. This is really important to them both as they view fantails as representing Joy's mother. I was so happy when I heard about it. Everything went smoothly between monks and priests, but my mother and I did butt heads over the placement of the gates for the challenge, Beau sided with her! It was eventually resolved more to my satisfaction thanks to youngling, who needed to have a seat, in case she had to wait a long time between challenges. This meant they had to be positioned closer to where I had wanted. Yes!!

Everything was going smoothly and muggle and pirip even went out to fetch the KFC we were having for dinner and Bambi (my youngest sister and other bridesmaid). My understanding was that they would be sorting out how to wear their hair the next day, while I continued on the corset. Apparently my mother's understanding was that they would fold over 200 yellow napkins.

She had called earlier to talk to me about the possibility of napkins, but had assured me that I wouldn't have to think/have anything to do with it... hmmmm. Muggle and Bambi worked on those for *hours*, some of my dearest otago friends came over briefly and also helped. Did I mention the napkins weren't required at all or even used at the wedding.

Anywho, I didn't really get to see my Otago friends because my dressmaker told me I could come and pick up my and my bridesmaids dresses at 8.30pm (I was pretty confident it would be ok, unlike 2 days before when I had been freaking over the fact that Bambi hadn't bothered to arrange a fitting any earlier). I'd offered to pick them up in the morning, but she had said no. *shrugs*. I arrive at her place probably 20min late and she was busy "pressing" and re-ironing everything. The bodice rouching wasn't what I'd actually asked for and Muggle also noticed. However, I liked what she'd done, so didn't say anything. Me, tactful? Ridiculous! We didn't get back home until over an hour after we'd left, even though the whole process should have only taken less than half that time. I still had work to do on the corset!

Also helping was Muggle's good friend Mingaling, who was doing the rather onerous task of typing up the chanting that the monks would be doing at the wedding as well as the translations of those. Beau and his family printed out over 60 copies for interested parties at the wedding, but I didn't even see one, they were absorbed by the masses! I'd have thought Beau would have maybe saved one for himself and put it in his pocket, but apparently not.

Anyhoo, I finished the corset up and put it on and then tried to put the bodice of my wedding ensemble on.... note the word *tried*. It did *not* fit. I was eerily calm about this, but it didn't last too long as I became more and more worried about the way my flesh was spilling in a very unattractive way over my top. It was especially bad under my arms and at my back. My sisters tried to assure me that it wasn't *that* bad, but it was. I couldn't do anything about it. We tried adjusting the corset to be a bit looser and it fit better, but still not good enough. We decided to maybe try again the next day and muggle went to bed, this was about 1am.

At that stage I decided the sheets for the marriage bed needed to be ironed. They were a bit damp and wrinkly as they had been left out too long on the line and the drier hadn't dealt well with that much sheet (super-king size). I then also needed to wash my hair. Finally headed to bed a bit before 2am. Fell asleep thinking that the bodice might actually fit best with no corset at all.

What actually occurred on the wedding day is still to follow. Can you handle it??

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January 07, 2007

Married Now!

But still no time to blog. I'll try and remember stuff and write up a big wedding post. In the mean time, if you were there and have already written a wedding post, please comment here and link to it :)

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