January 28, 2007

Nothing to do with Wedding

So, I know what I'm supposed to be blogging about (wedding, honeymoon, kapcon) but I *need* to blog about today.

I was texted by my Mikado bud, Jessabelle and she told me she was being choreographer today for this 80's dance group she' s in and that I should go. I got hold of Sass and we both went.

It was sooo much silly fun. People in lycra leotards, leaping and playing air guitar. This *is* The Real Hot B1+ches (not normally symbols, just trying to keep the journal work safe). I know have a b-ig bruise on my left knee. Too much time being the dog, while Sass was being the walker.

Ahh, I wish I had more free time so that I could do this regularly and take part in some of the stuff they've got coming up (eg fringe festival, cuba st carnivale). Maybe after Chicago.

I need to go find my old Jazz costumes, if only to donate them for others to use!!

Point of fashion: bedtime!
Current Obsession: Being a Real Hot B i t c h!!

Posted by giffy at January 28, 2007 12:50 AM