January 31, 2007

A different tangent, job hunting

Today I have been on a mission to get work. I have emailed my CV to 3 different schools and have been in person and delivered it to another school.

Had a very positive response from that one and also *strong* interest from one who asked me to email and one of the other emailed schools said they didn't have much relief (private, so they tend to keep it in-house), but would definitely use me if some came up.

I already have work lined up for week 2 and I think that the school I visited would probably be pleased to hire me permanently as they just had a job come up, but I say no!

Now I need to do my performance CV and choose (possibly take) a photo and send that away to a talent agency. I'd just be keen to see if I could get any work from this.

Will eventually continue wedding post!

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