June 28, 2008

Swinging and Winning

We had such a great time last night.

I felt so appropriate/beautiful/glamourous/fabulous in my new dress. I was extra pleased that I found hair clips with flowers that *exactly* matched flowers on my dress. Beau also looked so handsome in his pants-upsters and button-sleeved shirt.

We got to the Spiegletent about 5 min after it was supposed have started and there was a line! I think they were still setting up. It was neat meeting and chatting with our swing classmates in the line. There was much exclaiming over outfits and worry over whether we would remember the moves for the Shim-sham.

When we got in, the band soon started and a couple went onto the dance floor. They were *really* good. Like, so good that everyone from class was afraid to get onto the dance floor! When the song finished everyone *applauded*! There a few more advanced couples and then our teachers started dragging people up.

The crowd we were sitting with were still too intimidated to dance. I was keen, but I was also happy to be all dressed up, hanging out with people. Beau and I decided we'd do a circuit of the tent and see who else was there and what they were up to. We also had a drink. The atmosphere was fabulous.

Then, the band finished their set and the DJ put on "Tuxedo Junction". We rushed onto the floor to do our Shim-sham. Lots of fun and my earlier practice while waiting for the bus had definitely helped ;). The demonstration dances then took place. They were amazing. There were three. The first was one girl dancing on her own. She was incredible. Then a couple started dancing and a man cut in! It was a comedy dance routine with the men each stealing the girl and at the end they all danced together and even flipped her right around! The third demo dance had 4 identically dressed flapper girls doing the Charleston. They were adorable. It definitely makes me want to do more swing! I want to be as good as they all were.

We danced for the next hour. We stopped for water a couple of times, it is hot work. In the end, my feet were getting very sore (these shoes are still quite new and I had a blister from last weekend) and Beau was the one convincing me to do "just one more". That is one of the highlights for me, having Beau be the one to convince *me* to dance.

We tripped home on the natural high that good music, good dancing and good company brings.

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June 27, 2008

Ignoring the Signs

Someone or something wants me to make soup. In particular, pumpkin soup.

I have had several clear signs. 1) Anna blogged about making Thai Pumpkin soup 2) Dan blogged about making Pumpkin soup using leftovers from a roast chicken meal 3) My friend's MiL dreamed about my goddaughter and me making soup! 4) I saw Butternut pumpkins/squash on sale at Tesco yesterday.

I've been meaning to for a while and I've even bought a hand blender stick thing-y to make it easier. It's finding the time and the vegetable. I also need to email my MiL and ask her for her recipe as it is easy and yum (I've helped in the prep for it before). I know it's based on the Alison Holst Dollars and Sense recipe.

However, I haven't made it yet. I didn't even buy the pumpkin. Pumpkin is not a popular vegetable here (except, apparently, at Halloween!) and the only type I've seen is butternut "punkins". I'm used to the grey-ish green skinned ones we have in NZ and I was kinda hoping they'd have familiar ingredients here. I've never cooked with butternuts!

So, last night, ignoring the signs I decided to use up the last of my quinoa and stock stores in a recipe for a Quinoa Salmon Salad.

I was punished. I added the stock to the quinoa and looked at facebook for a second!!! It burned to the bottom. In an effort to salvage what I had, I also burned my hand. GaH!

I am sorry. I repent. I shall make time for pumpkin soup this weekend.

We shall be having a rice and quinoa salmon salad instead!

Now, that I've been appropriately chastised, have a look at one of my lunches.

This week, due to weekend in London and lack of time to shop, my lunches have all been pretty much the same. However, that same has been awesome, because I went and bought delicious foods from the English Market on my way home. Eg: garlic stuffed olives, olive tapenade, mozzarella, fresh organic basil, sugar snaps and grapes.

Seriously, Garlic Stuffed Olives are made of win!

I also bought small apples yesterday. I thought they would fit into my lunch box, but they are too big! Thus, this morning I tried out a tip I learned from lunchinabox. I cut up my apple, put it into a little container with some lemon juice, a bit of lime cordial (to sweeten) and some water. Then I put the lid on and shook it all about. I then packed some of the pieces, ate the rest and drank the leftover liquid... tart! I thought maybe it would be a bit too dilute, but it totally worked and when I took my apple pieces out at lunch-time, they looked like I'd just cut them! All nice and white. It almost took longer to type out the instructions than to carry them out. Totally worth it :) Linky to the apple containing lunch :)

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June 26, 2008

Hanging at the Boy Flat

Went over to mytholder's house after work today to meet Neid and do my dress fitting. I love my dress it has a circle shirt and will look fabulous on the dance floor. *Yes*! It's so nice having something made just for you. There will be pictures. Do not doubt!

Going to the boys' (mytholder, Homebody and Fotalad) flat is great. I've totally become friends with all of them. We've bonded over meals shared, wines sampled, games played and general craic (I *think* that is an appropriate use). I really value all three of them.

I had another reason, apart from my dress and general visiting to go visit the boys. I went to pick up an RPG book so that Beau and I can do char creation! Yes!! We have been invited into a game with delichan and mytholder. A Game of Thrones game. I've been really missing gaming and Beau *really*, *really* has. We shall be playing on Mondays :)

Fotalad also mentioned that he'd be keen to do some gaming with us. He hasn't done any for a while as he has been studying part-time on top of his full-time job. He's keen for one-offs, a campaign or even board games. It's looking like it'll be Tuesdays at our house :) He'll round up some others too.

While at their house, I spent a bunch of funtime chatting/catching up with delichan and then getting sucked into watching the Germany-Turkey semifinal (for the Euro Cup, Soccer). It was seriously exciting!! The end was, anyway. It meant that I was too late to get home and bake for Jules tomorrow. Which would be sad, but turns out that biscuits arrived in the post from Voltron's girlfriend in Poland.

Ah world, you are being kind.

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June 25, 2008

Later than Expected

Yeah... I didn't blog today at work. I *could* have, but instead I was hypnotised by Spider Solitaire. I did make time to read blogs, comment and reply to comments, so not completely evil.

Oh! Just reminded that I can watch latest Dom vid now that I am at home. Yays!

I suspect the game hypnosis was partly due to tiredness. Yup, I meant to, but didn't manage to get early to bed last night. Reasons?

1) Beau was away, I can sleep fine without him there, but it takes me a night for the changeover between Beau there and not there, which means this whole week may be a write-off on the good sleeping stakes. Last night, Beau working. Tonight, Beau here. Tomorrow, Beau working. Thursday, Beau's back, we have a guest *and* we are going dancing.

2) Deadwood. When Beau is away, I am working my way through season 1 Deadwood. I *like* it.

3) Life of Pi. Beau borrowed it from Mytholder and then told me I had to read it. I devoured it. It was good. I shouldn't have stayed up to finish it last night. It was just so good! It also meant I had no book on the bus. Very sad.

Beau is also tired, he started work yesterday at 9am and finished today at 5pm. Yes, that shift was longer than 24 hours. Yes, tomorrow he starts another such shift.

Being tired makes us both grumpy-butts. Which is why I must do my best and turn of the computer... soon.

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June 24, 2008


I so sleepy. 6.20am does not *seem* unreasonable early for a flight. Until you take into account that you must be at airport at least an hour before (5.20am).

Then, that the airport is almost an hour away (4.20am).

You want to be a *leetle* early for the train you must catch for the airport (4.00am).

You must make your way to the train station (3.40am).

You must get up, shower, wash hair, get dressed for work, do final pack/tidy (3.00am).

I *so* sleepy!!! I also didn't put head to pillow until 12.00am.

Thank *goodness* work is relatively undemanding. I do feel for Beau though, he thought he didn't have to be at work until 5pm and that he could have a sleep today. Imagine his surprise at being called and told he was working the day shift today and tomorrow as *well* as doing the night shift. Just as he was about to get ready for bed.

London *was* fun though. It was good to see Sproke, Ants and others in London. We went to the Tate Modern on Friday and I managed to take a few photos of art before being told it wasn't allowed.... and I managed to take one more after that too ;) We went through the gates of the British Museum, but rumbly tummies and train timetables meant that we didn't actually go *in*. Next time!

We also had a super time staying with Friend's family (as opposed to Family friends) and dancing at the wedding. I *love* my Docs. They are super-comfy, even when they give me blisters on my toes. I must wear them more and break them in.

Now, to find some *braaaaiins*.

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June 20, 2008

Variation on a theme

This week has been (cooking wise) about working on recipes and with ingredients I have used before.

I made my second attempt at biscotti (click pic for more details) which turned out well, even though I had one less egg than the recipe called for!

I also experimented further with quinoa, making a quinoa chicken salad.

On the weekend, my flatmate and I hosted a sushi party. We had leftover sushi so I got japanese-y with our packed lunches!

Now, I must run as I get to leave work early today!

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June 19, 2008

Sentences in the 3rd person

2 hour swing dancing classes make Giffy a tired and hungry panda.

Giffy likes having home baking in the house.

Writing in this fashion confuses Giffy.

Giffy's hair continues to be stylish even after a wash.

Giffy has been assured that it is miserable out and she is not looking forward to waiting at the bus for her ride home.

Giffy hopes that her family and friends are being looked after. She frequently sends them loving thoughts and hopes that they receive them.

In Giffy's bag there are envelopes and little gifts to go inside them.

When Giffy looks out the window and sees the trees being whipped