June 28, 2008

Swinging and Winning

We had such a great time last night.

I felt so appropriate/beautiful/glamourous/fabulous in my new dress. I was extra pleased that I found hair clips with flowers that *exactly* matched flowers on my dress. Beau also looked so handsome in his pants-upsters and button-sleeved shirt.

We got to the Spiegletent about 5 min after it was supposed have started and there was a line! I think they were still setting up. It was neat meeting and chatting with our swing classmates in the line. There was much exclaiming over outfits and worry over whether we would remember the moves for the Shim-sham.

When we got in, the band soon started and a couple went onto the dance floor. They were *really* good. Like, so good that everyone from class was afraid to get onto the dance floor! When the song finished everyone *applauded*! There a few more advanced couples and then our teachers started dragging people up.

The crowd we were sitting with were still too intimidated to dance. I was keen, but I was also happy to be all dressed up, hanging out with people. Beau and I decided we'd do a circuit of the tent and see who else was there and what they were up to. We also had a drink. The atmosphere was fabulous.

Then, the band finished their set and the DJ put on "Tuxedo Junction". We rushed onto the floor to do our Shim-sham. Lots of fun and my earlier practice while waiting for the bus had definitely helped ;). The demonstration dances then took place. They were amazing. There were three. The first was one girl dancing on her own. She was incredible. Then a couple started dancing and a man cut in! It was a comedy dance routine with the men each stealing the girl and at the end they all danced together and even flipped her right around! The third demo dance had 4 identically dressed flapper girls doing the Charleston. They were adorable. It definitely makes me want to do more swing! I want to be as good as they all were.

We danced for the next hour. We stopped for water a couple of times, it is hot work. In the end, my feet were getting very sore (these shoes are still quite new and I had a blister from last weekend) and Beau was the one convincing me to do "just one more". That is one of the highlights for me, having Beau be the one to convince *me* to dance.

We tripped home on the natural high that good music, good dancing and good company brings.

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