June 26, 2008

Hanging at the Boy Flat

Went over to mytholder's house after work today to meet Neid and do my dress fitting. I love my dress it has a circle shirt and will look fabulous on the dance floor. *Yes*! It's so nice having something made just for you. There will be pictures. Do not doubt!

Going to the boys' (mytholder, Homebody and Fotalad) flat is great. I've totally become friends with all of them. We've bonded over meals shared, wines sampled, games played and general craic (I *think* that is an appropriate use). I really value all three of them.

I had another reason, apart from my dress and general visiting to go visit the boys. I went to pick up an RPG book so that Beau and I can do char creation! Yes!! We have been invited into a game with delichan and mytholder. A Game of Thrones game. I've been really missing gaming and Beau *really*, *really* has. We shall be playing on Mondays :)

Fotalad also mentioned that he'd be keen to do some gaming with us. He hasn't done any for a while as he has been studying part-time on top of his full-time job. He's keen for one-offs, a campaign or even board games. It's looking like it'll be Tuesdays at our house :) He'll round up some others too.

While at their house, I spent a bunch of funtime chatting/catching up with delichan and then getting sucked into watching the Germany-Turkey semifinal (for the Euro Cup, Soccer). It was seriously exciting!! The end was, anyway. It meant that I was too late to get home and bake for Jules tomorrow. Which would be sad, but turns out that biscuits arrived in the post from Voltron's girlfriend in Poland.

Ah world, you are being kind.

Point of Fashion: casual enough that I was worried I would be told off, instead I was invited to continue in my role as long as I would like!
Current Obsession: The Canadian is coming!

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