June 25, 2008

Later than Expected

Yeah... I didn't blog today at work. I *could* have, but instead I was hypnotised by Spider Solitaire. I did make time to read blogs, comment and reply to comments, so not completely evil.

Oh! Just reminded that I can watch latest Dom vid now that I am at home. Yays!

I suspect the game hypnosis was partly due to tiredness. Yup, I meant to, but didn't manage to get early to bed last night. Reasons?

1) Beau was away, I can sleep fine without him there, but it takes me a night for the changeover between Beau there and not there, which means this whole week may be a write-off on the good sleeping stakes. Last night, Beau working. Tonight, Beau here. Tomorrow, Beau working. Thursday, Beau's back, we have a guest *and* we are going dancing.

2) Deadwood. When Beau is away, I am working my way through season 1 Deadwood. I *like* it.

3) Life of Pi. Beau borrowed it from Mytholder and then told me I had to read it. I devoured it. It was good. I shouldn't have stayed up to finish it last night. It was just so good! It also meant I had no book on the bus. Very sad.

Beau is also tired, he started work yesterday at 9am and finished today at 5pm. Yes, that shift was longer than 24 hours. Yes, tomorrow he starts another such shift.

Being tired makes us both grumpy-butts. Which is why I must do my best and turn of the computer... soon.

Point of Fashion: PJs people!
Current Obsession: My Belovedu... and spider solitaire.

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