June 24, 2008


I so sleepy. 6.20am does not *seem* unreasonable early for a flight. Until you take into account that you must be at airport at least an hour before (5.20am).

Then, that the airport is almost an hour away (4.20am).

You want to be a *leetle* early for the train you must catch for the airport (4.00am).

You must make your way to the train station (3.40am).

You must get up, shower, wash hair, get dressed for work, do final pack/tidy (3.00am).

I *so* sleepy!!! I also didn't put head to pillow until 12.00am.

Thank *goodness* work is relatively undemanding. I do feel for Beau though, he thought he didn't have to be at work until 5pm and that he could have a sleep today. Imagine his surprise at being called and told he was working the day shift today and tomorrow as *well* as doing the night shift. Just as he was about to get ready for bed.

London *was* fun though. It was good to see Sproke, Ants and others in London. We went to the Tate Modern on Friday and I managed to take a few photos of art before being told it wasn't allowed.... and I managed to take one more after that too ;) We went through the gates of the British Museum, but rumbly tummies and train timetables meant that we didn't actually go *in*. Next time!

We also had a super time staying with Friend's family (as opposed to Family friends) and dancing at the wedding. I *love* my Docs. They are super-comfy, even when they give me blisters on my toes. I must wear them more and break them in.

Now, to find some *braaaaiins*.

Point of Fashion: I <3 WGTN.
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Posted by giffy at June 24, 2008 03:55 AM