August 31, 2005

Its nice to have them home, but could c just shut up already

So they got a trip home early, and arrived this afternoon. it was nice to see the other half of the family again, but I was sick of the excessive noise very soon after senior son arrived home. I hope this is not how noisy and silly he is going to be for the next ten years, till he becomes adolescent, and therefore unable to speak to his parents at all.

I have so much stuff to do that I think I will go back to school. That's pretty sad, okay.

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August 30, 2005


- motivation in the year 11 science class. Rather a shame as I think all of them could pass if they decided to work.

- husband and senior son. The funeral went well, and they are coming back tomorrow. That'll be nice.

- the rushed feeling from trying to organise too many people at once. Just me and a baby is about right...

- the feeling of being able to log onto the lap top!

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August 29, 2005

Demanding little pointy finger

H has made the Cnection in his brain between his finger pointing at something, and that something being a particular thing that he wants. So now when he sees something on the table that he wants to get into his destructive little hands, he mobilises the pointer. And if he doesn't get what he was pointing at there are protests lodged. He has also worked out that pointing can tell people where to go, so when he gets picked up, he'll let you know where to start walking to. His communication is getting really good. I know now when I am supposed to feed him, he knows how to tell me that it is bed time, and he is letting everyone know when they are supposed to feed him. Now he has wants, and so now the frustration kicks in for him. The screaming (or moaning or whining) because he can't have what he wants has begun.

Mind you, now he is healthy again, he is back to his pretty relaxed self about most things.

We are on our own this week as the other two have gone to the big city to a funeral. They are away for a week. Very quiet round here. And me and H seem to have a lot of time spare.

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August 24, 2005

Home with the baby who is definition of pathetic

Junior son has the cold virus, plus some infection stuff going on and is home sick. Yesterday I could not weed the back of the garden because I was not allowed to get a whole metre away from him - IT WAS TOO FAR AND HE WAS ON HIS OWN. BY HIMSELF. And NOT FEELING GOOD ABOUT IT!!

My personal space was gone, and by the end of the day I wasn't feeling too chipper either. Today he is the absolute definition of pathetic, unable to be left for a moment or placed on the floor. So we will go back to the doctor and check this is all just virus. Good thing I am still feeding him because otherwise he would be dehydrated as well. He is not eating and drinking very little.

The students were very good for the reliever yesterday, and are prepared to be okay tomorrow as well. And R will try to cover the Friday classes, as I don't think H will be up to being seperated from his parents by then.

Time to yoga-ise, there is much tension in the system, yeah mine, the one with no personal space, so the cat sits on me during yoga too.

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August 22, 2005

Driving from here to there

Driving with the senior son is quite tiring these days. He gets bored, and the kinds of things you can do in the car that relieve boredom but don't drive the driver insane - no they don't exist. I ended up counting large trucks. That was enough to stop me screaming from Turakina to Wanganui.

The party in Wgtn was really cool. The aunt and uncle have lovely friends and lots of them, and they provide plenty of alcohol to make the party go good. Having a temporary food allergy and needing to drive home meant I couldn't completely enjoy their hospitality, but we still had a good time.

Senior son has inherited my tendency to like showing off, and he also has the childs inability to turn off excitement. We are going to have to teach him how to slow down at parties. Remembering my own childhood, this is going to take a very long time. At least when you send him to time out he doesn't sulk - he spent the time creating a new breakdancing routine, and then insisted on showing everyone his new tricks! Which were pretty lame, but he didn't know that.

Gonna have tomorrow off with junior son, who has an infection and needs a day off. And is having an extended yodel to prove it!

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August 19, 2005

Evolving situation

Found the intelligent design video has been gifted to the school by Focus on the Family... further investigations are pending though.

Left my damn cell phone at school today and I need it for the weekend. Now I have to risk setting the alarm off to get it back.

The house just gave the hugest shake - and I don't know if it was wind or an earthquake. But I can report the adrenal glands are working just FINE.

Today I did work with the fifth form last thing, which shocked them! It amazes me how many of them still copy all work on the board, even though they refuse to think about what they are writing down. There are a large number that also do absolutely nothing. But I am insisting on good manners, and it is making my life more pleasant. The fine weather is working on the teenage hormones though, and they are very 'active'. A Cversation about ball bearings was untenable. But it was funny for me, because all I had to say was "ball bearings" and they dissolved into giggles!

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August 18, 2005

Some weeks take a long time

I think our school has all the available videos money can buy explaining why evolution is wrong. It bothers me, and is making senior biology more difficult for the students, and goes against the teaching of the catholic church... I'm going to have to find out who is buying these things, who is showing them, and what the school position is. I cannot stay in an environment where there is too much hypocrisy.

I have dissected a lamb, dug a garden and weeded onions this week, its had its good side. And our singing in the school idol competition was shown at assembly, and they compared us to cow pocky, and it made me laugh till the tears ran. But this week has taken a Very Long Time to get through, and the weekend is not going to be easy either.

The great leader is off again!, so I'm taking the boys to Wellington.

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August 15, 2005


I've been reading a book written by Sean Hepburn about his mother. Who i have always thought was very elegant. And judging by the photo's I was not wrong.

What I didn't know was how much work she did for the poorest children of the world. So beautiful on the inside as well.

Then C told me he reckons i look like her. It still brings tears to my eyes today! I'm touched he could compare me with one of the most beautiful women of last centuary.

In other news H walked about 2 metres yesterday. I haven't seen him do much today, but obviously the skills are there.

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August 12, 2005

Actually, not bad

last thing today I was asked how the week was, and I had to say, not bad. i've thrown kids out, had kids learn stuff, given extra lessons, been rained on and generally had a pretty standard week. And I've enjoyed it. I don't accept idiot behaviour anymore, and don't keep people in my room that are making teaching impossible. Its making my life much easier!, and theirs less so. Which is the way it is meant to be.

Also, when they stuff up, I hardly ever think it was my fault. If it was my fault, I just say so and we move on. So simple, so far.

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August 10, 2005

These are the days of our lives

Just listened to David Lange's interview with John Cambell, which you can get through R Brown's Hard News blog. At the end, John asks him about writing the book, and how David Lange feels about David Lange. He replies talking about having a wife he loves and who loves him, a wonderful daughter and a good life. Its a wonderful thing to be able to look at a life, spent in and out of hospitals, with full mobility taxi's and wheelchairs, chemotherapy and all that, and to say that he has a full and happy life because he is looking at the things that make him happy, and i guess treating the other stuff as things that have to be done so he can do the things that make him happy.

There's a woman at school who focusses on the things that make her unhappy. It doesn't seem to be cheering her up, having the daily whine.

I sang in the school idol competition today with a fellow teacher, and we were utterly abysmal. Exactly the effect we expected!! It was really funny and we had a good time.

Carpe diem.

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August 09, 2005

Coming together

Have had two successful meals since R has been away - meaning we have eaten fairly early before the screaming begins, and also that everyone has eaten of the meal prepared. These things must be celebrated, they sound so small until you have children of your own.

It has been suggested that I should take on more responsibility in the school system. It appeals to my ego, but i am not sure how the family would cope. The leader might have to move family up his list of Csiderations.

Talked to the seCdary (thesis) leader last night which is always a much better experience than i expect. he has suggested that I leave the family and go off and do thesis work - in the public library if necessary. Sounds bloody brilliant to me. Getting R to take the kids out is just not working, so lets move the mountain instead of Mohammed.

Had a Wee Discussion with the sixth form, and they seem relatively happy. They may not be doing quite the number of units that are recommended, but they will have enough... should they do some work, and learn the stuff they have been taught.

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August 08, 2005

The Fear

The only thing keeping me going on this thesis thing at the moment is thinking about how I would feel if I did not finish it. And how I would explain that to anyone, especially everyone I know.

Especially Shona.

Especially c and h.

Gotta go work now, cos the fear is here.

One of my fellow students has just given up his job and is going home to live with mummy and be treated like a kid who has not done his homework until he has finished his book. And you know what? I'm jealous he has the opportunity to step back from the rest of his life and Ccentrate like that. I have responsibilities that I have chosen, and I can't leave them behind.

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August 01, 2005

Part time parent

Feeling a bit cranky tonight. R sat down at the table and started drawing lines all over the calendar showing when he is going to be away. About a third of the next month I am going to be doing as a solo parent. I'm not terribly amused - it feels a lot like I have to be the responsible one, and he gets to goof off, and shoot bullets and rockets and stuff, and I have to do cleaning and cooking.

The army is such a big commitment for all of us. They still believe in the army that they come first, and if they had wanted R to have a family, they would have issued him with one. As they didn't, they don't make many compromises to help family life along. And they take it very badly if he tries to put the family first. Never mind, we can get out in a couple of years if we wish.

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