August 01, 2005

Part time parent

Feeling a bit cranky tonight. R sat down at the table and started drawing lines all over the calendar showing when he is going to be away. About a third of the next month I am going to be doing as a solo parent. I'm not terribly amused - it feels a lot like I have to be the responsible one, and he gets to goof off, and shoot bullets and rockets and stuff, and I have to do cleaning and cooking.

The army is such a big commitment for all of us. They still believe in the army that they come first, and if they had wanted R to have a family, they would have issued him with one. As they didn't, they don't make many compromises to help family life along. And they take it very badly if he tries to put the family first. Never mind, we can get out in a couple of years if we wish.

Posted by Toni at August 1, 2005 08:18 PM

I guess I'm not surprised that the Army isn't family-friendly... in the States, they are trying harder to change that because they are scraping the barrel to get their recruitment quota met. All sorts of new incentives, especially focused around volunteers' families and young children.

That's what happens when you recruit a volunteer force during a long-term war, I guess. I'm glad we are not quite at that point, but I do think that the Army, Police, Fire Service etc need to be paid much more competitively so that it's a viable option for the cream of the population who are dedicated to making a difference. You shouldn't be forced out of service to your country because the country does not pay you adequately.

Posted by: phreq at August 7, 2005 12:29 PM