August 18, 2005

Some weeks take a long time

I think our school has all the available videos money can buy explaining why evolution is wrong. It bothers me, and is making senior biology more difficult for the students, and goes against the teaching of the catholic church... I'm going to have to find out who is buying these things, who is showing them, and what the school position is. I cannot stay in an environment where there is too much hypocrisy.

I have dissected a lamb, dug a garden and weeded onions this week, its had its good side. And our singing in the school idol competition was shown at assembly, and they compared us to cow pocky, and it made me laugh till the tears ran. But this week has taken a Very Long Time to get through, and the weekend is not going to be easy either.

The great leader is off again!, so I'm taking the boys to Wellington.

Posted by Toni at August 18, 2005 08:36 PM