August 12, 2005

Actually, not bad

last thing today I was asked how the week was, and I had to say, not bad. i've thrown kids out, had kids learn stuff, given extra lessons, been rained on and generally had a pretty standard week. And I've enjoyed it. I don't accept idiot behaviour anymore, and don't keep people in my room that are making teaching impossible. Its making my life much easier!, and theirs less so. Which is the way it is meant to be.

Also, when they stuff up, I hardly ever think it was my fault. If it was my fault, I just say so and we move on. So simple, so far.

Posted by Toni at August 12, 2005 08:56 PM

Totally agree. Remove the elements that make the class miserable. They can go not learn elsewhere. Your title is 'teacher' not 'social worker' or 'security guard'. :) Glad you had a good week!

Posted by: phreq at August 15, 2005 01:20 PM