January 25, 2008

paralysed by obligation

There is so much stuff I *have* to do that I put it off by doing nothing. That's right! I keep not doing anything because I seem to be afraid that if I start on one project I'll miss out on doing another one. So I don't do anything.

But look, I'm blogging and that's something I feel I *should* do, so maybe I'm not doing so bad. I make a list because they are my friend.

Things I must do before I leave the Country:
- finish and tidy up at work
- finish sorting out flat mate for Muggle
- sew 3 wrap arounds and 1 baby's outfit
- sew bunting
- tidy up house (skip required)
- sell or gift food processor
- sell, gift, pack or throw away many personal goods (skip required)
- book motel for Napier
- farewell people
- get email and phone numbers of overseas people
- call rellies in Thailand to make sure they know we are coming
- change return date on tickets
- update CV
- send CV to irish employment agencies
- remind people about written references
- make lemonade
- bake a cake
- drive around visiting people and drop off gifted/lent items
- miraculously lose weight before going to Thailand
- get power of attorney forms sorted
- get will sorted
- get abeyance of insurance etc sorted (waiting on new itinerary)
- get international drivers license sorted (started)
- sort out what's happening with couch
- return any borrowed items (people will still be able to get off Muggle)
- go to pole and collect my shoes/any other stuff I have there
- teach Ruggle the ways of the Bapmobile
- get wedding presents
- buy portable hard drive
- send out wedding thank-you letters

Things I have done
- begun sewing (45m of bunting done and 1 cardie cut)
- begun sorting out mortgage/insurance
- peer pressured Nick about flatting with Muggle
- gifted bed
- sorted sale of car
- found safe place for wedding dress
- got forms for IDP and power of attorney
- have cousin's cell
- gifted some clothes
- researched Irish flat and recruitment sites
- drafted written reference for current manager
- begun farewelling people
- written wedding thank-you letters
- hired skip
- planned wedding presents
- sorted wedding outfit

I just know there is so much more stuff I haven't written down... my head hurts.

Point of Fashion: not red
Current Obsession: so much *stuff*

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January 18, 2008

Unreal and unready

Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine has died. We weren't close friends, but we were definitely friendly.

I first met her over 5 years ago through her husband. He studied with me at TCol, both of us training to be Science teachers. She was already a teacher of Dance and English. I met her at a 21st party of a girl who I knew through dancing and who was a family friend of Beau's.

I re-met her Dec 2006 when we both were auditioning for a show. We both got in and I was her understudy. I couldn't really wish ill on her as she was the kindest, sweetest person in the show. I could be envious, she was a knock-out blond; tall, curvaceous and incredibly flexible. She also worked really hard on her part and worked with me to help me learn it too. It was nice catching up with her husband too, I'd seen him at a few Sci teacher meetings but hadn't seen much. I got to meet their little girl too. Absolute sweetie!

Shortly after the show finished she sent out an email saying that "another one of Mama's girls was knocked up". I sent back a congrats and planned on seeing her with new baby.

The same email that told me they'd had a healthy baby boy was the email that said she had cancer, terminal cancer.

It's not real to me. I haven't actually seen her since the final night of the show. My first reaction to the invitation to her funeral was that I wouldn't go. That way I can keep pretending, but her loved ones can't.

She was a beautiful person in every sense of the word.

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January 16, 2008

A weight off my... head

I got my hair cut! Short! It hasn't been this short in over 5 years. It's crazy how many people I know now that didn't know me then. They keep asking why?

It looks pretty good, but I'll decide how I feel after the real test. My regular wash my hair before I go to bed, sleep on a towel on the pillow and no hair product!

Point of Fashion: Hair, short hair!
Current Obsession: Four weeks to go today!

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January 08, 2008

4 times a bridesmaid

I finally made it back home early yesterday morning (1.30am).

I have been in Wanaka for the last 5 days being the bridesmaid (alright Matron of Honour) for my good friend Bean. It was a gorgeous day and a lovely wedding. She was so wonderfully happy and beautiful.

Bean and I met at Otago and her family basically adopted me into theirs, I spent Uni holidays with them and Bean's mother looked after me when I had all my wisdom teeth removed.

Bean has also been taken into my family, her and her partner staying with me and then at a property of my parents' for over 4 months when they came back from their OE and were trying to establish themselves in Wellington.

My parents have visited with hers and hers have visited with mine. Her mum and brother came to my wedding, my parents went to hers. It's very satisfying to know that you have managed to create family friends.

Apart from my own wedding, this wedding has been the one that I have had most responsibility, far and above those of my other brides. I helped prepare the house for the wedding ceremony, cleaning, weeding and planting flowers. I was there for the choosing of wedding clothes, mine and hers. She wore my wedding shoes, it was her borrowed. I did her wedding make-up, we bought it together, I got a book out on wedding make-up, we practised it several times before the event. I gave a reading at the wedding (Corinthians, chosen by her fiancee). I was her witness on the marriage cert. I gave a speech at the reception. I recorded the gifts in their wedding spreadsheet. There was more. I'm tired thinking about it.

It was the perfect day for them and I wish I was on holiday in Wellington but with Wanaka weather.

Point of Fashion: winter in summer
Current Obsession: studiously not thinking about all the things I must do before leaving the country

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