December 21, 2007

Christmas baking, lemon icing

So, I started my christmas baking last week making Lebkuchen according to the recipe Jenni posted on her blog. I roll it quite thin and have medium sized cutters, so the recipe makes over 70 biscuits for me!

Yesterday I iced them with lemon icing, based on that in the Edmonds cook book:

1 cup of icing sugar
zest of one lemon
juice of one lemon
1/2 teaspoon of softened (or melted) butter

Mix it all up adding the lemon juice bit by bit until you get the icing to the consistency that you like. This recipe makes enough to ice over 20 biscuits. Plus, you get to lick the spoon and it is num!

It's best to leave icing the biscuits until the day before use as it softens them a fair amount.

Again, lemon icing is yummy.

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