January 08, 2008

4 times a bridesmaid

I finally made it back home early yesterday morning (1.30am).

I have been in Wanaka for the last 5 days being the bridesmaid (alright Matron of Honour) for my good friend Bean. It was a gorgeous day and a lovely wedding. She was so wonderfully happy and beautiful.

Bean and I met at Otago and her family basically adopted me into theirs, I spent Uni holidays with them and Bean's mother looked after me when I had all my wisdom teeth removed.

Bean has also been taken into my family, her and her partner staying with me and then at a property of my parents' for over 4 months when they came back from their OE and were trying to establish themselves in Wellington.

My parents have visited with hers and hers have visited with mine. Her mum and brother came to my wedding, my parents went to hers. It's very satisfying to know that you have managed to create family friends.

Apart from my own wedding, this wedding has been the one that I have had most responsibility, far and above those of my other brides. I helped prepare the house for the wedding ceremony, cleaning, weeding and planting flowers. I was there for the choosing of wedding clothes, mine and hers. She wore my wedding shoes, it was her borrowed. I did her wedding make-up, we bought it together, I got a book out on wedding make-up, we practised it several times before the event. I gave a reading at the wedding (Corinthians, chosen by her fiancee). I was her witness on the marriage cert. I gave a speech at the reception. I recorded the gifts in their wedding spreadsheet. There was more. I'm tired thinking about it.

It was the perfect day for them and I wish I was on holiday in Wellington but with Wanaka weather.

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