January 25, 2008

paralysed by obligation

There is so much stuff I *have* to do that I put it off by doing nothing. That's right! I keep not doing anything because I seem to be afraid that if I start on one project I'll miss out on doing another one. So I don't do anything.

But look, I'm blogging and that's something I feel I *should* do, so maybe I'm not doing so bad. I make a list because they are my friend.

Things I must do before I leave the Country:
- finish and tidy up at work
- finish sorting out flat mate for Muggle
- sew 3 wrap arounds and 1 baby's outfit
- sew bunting
- tidy up house (skip required)
- sell or gift food processor
- sell, gift, pack or throw away many personal goods (skip required)
- book motel for Napier
- farewell people
- get email and phone numbers of overseas people
- call rellies in Thailand to make sure they know we are coming
- change return date on tickets
- update CV
- send CV to irish employment agencies
- remind people about written references
- make lemonade
- bake a cake
- drive around visiting people and drop off gifted/lent items
- miraculously lose weight before going to Thailand
- get power of attorney forms sorted
- get will sorted
- get abeyance of insurance etc sorted (waiting on new itinerary)
- get international drivers license sorted (started)
- sort out what's happening with couch
- return any borrowed items (people will still be able to get off Muggle)
- go to pole and collect my shoes/any other stuff I have there
- teach Ruggle the ways of the Bapmobile
- get wedding presents
- buy portable hard drive
- send out wedding thank-you letters

Things I have done
- begun sewing (45m of bunting done and 1 cardie cut)
- begun sorting out mortgage/insurance
- peer pressured Nick about flatting with Muggle
- gifted bed
- sorted sale of car
- found safe place for wedding dress
- got forms for IDP and power of attorney
- have cousin's cell
- gifted some clothes
- researched Irish flat and recruitment sites
- drafted written reference for current manager
- begun farewelling people
- written wedding thank-you letters
- hired skip
- planned wedding presents
- sorted wedding outfit

I just know there is so much more stuff I haven't written down... my head hurts.

Point of Fashion: not red
Current Obsession: so much *stuff*

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