January 18, 2008

Unreal and unready

Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine has died. We weren't close friends, but we were definitely friendly.

I first met her over 5 years ago through her husband. He studied with me at TCol, both of us training to be Science teachers. She was already a teacher of Dance and English. I met her at a 21st party of a girl who I knew through dancing and who was a family friend of Beau's.

I re-met her Dec 2006 when we both were auditioning for a show. We both got in and I was her understudy. I couldn't really wish ill on her as she was the kindest, sweetest person in the show. I could be envious, she was a knock-out blond; tall, curvaceous and incredibly flexible. She also worked really hard on her part and worked with me to help me learn it too. It was nice catching up with her husband too, I'd seen him at a few Sci teacher meetings but hadn't seen much. I got to meet their little girl too. Absolute sweetie!

Shortly after the show finished she sent out an email saying that "another one of Mama's girls was knocked up". I sent back a congrats and planned on seeing her with new baby.

The same email that told me they'd had a healthy baby boy was the email that said she had cancer, terminal cancer.

It's not real to me. I haven't actually seen her since the final night of the show. My first reaction to the invitation to her funeral was that I wouldn't go. That way I can keep pretending, but her loved ones can't.

She was a beautiful person in every sense of the word.

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