June 28, 2006

Cooked Sock

Sock is sitting so close to the heater I can smell her hair starting to singe. She seems unperturbed.

I must get her a new collar. This year's registration tags are bright fluro green and they don't go so well with the red-and-silver number she wore last year. The $2 Shop had some black-and-silver ones the other day, I must go see if they still have them.

I was driving round to D's place yesterday and I saw a woman run out in front of the car in front of me. I could hear her screaming and then realised she was holding/dragging a 5-yr-old-ish kid in front of her under the kid's arms. A guy was following her across the road and seemed to be trying to get her to get into a car. I pulled over and yelled out to the guy did he want me to call the cops? - cos it was definitely out of hand. He shouted back that he was the police (although he was in very plain clothes). The woman just kept screaming and screaming and dragging the kid around in front of her. God, it was really nasty. I was just sitting there frozen thinking, that poor kid. What kind of memory is that to have? I didn't hang around to see the outcome, it was very upsetting to watch.

Conclusion: The world is full of idiots who don't deserve to have children.
Secondary Conclusion: People suck.

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