June 27, 2006

The Pipes, They Freeze

Brrr. Every time we get a hard frost the pipes freeze. Then someone has to get the garden hose and shove it up the cold tap in the laundry until it blows the ice out and everyone can have a shower and use the loo. It is a quite freezing cold task because it usually involves getting sprayed with very cold water at some point.

(NB: must put anti-freeze in car. today.)

I've got to go see winz this morning and then psych services at 11.30 and then take D to one of her appointments at 1.30 and try very very hard not to punch Lala in the face.

I probably can't be explicit because the matter is before the court, but let's just say that she left her two kids in a dangerous, horrible situation for ten weeks with full knowledge. She told people she was in contact with CYPFS and the police etc, but she wasn't. She just left it until someone else stepped in. The 'caregiver' was arrested yesterday. I could spit on her. She nauseates me.

I'm supposed to be taking V8 to the movies tonight to see Tokyo Drift. D is paying for my ticket because, um, how do I put this? I'm thinking about sneaking in a book and a flashlight. But he will enjoy it and I will enjoy him enjoying it.

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