July 05, 2006

Amateur Marketing

There are two cocker puppies ready to go to new homes but we haven't found places for them yet. It's hardly urgent, but I said to D, next ad, instead of just saying "undocked" say "cruelty-free, undocked". A lot of the pups go to families or to breeders, rather than people who are going to show them, and the show-ring is about the only place docking still matters.

But if people see 'pure-bred puppies, blah blah, undocked' and they don't know much about it, they might think that not being docked is a bad thing. So we shall try the 'advantage' approach this time around and see if we get more bites. Not that these are my/sock's pups, but with Ollie due any day now, we have to get these pups of Millie's homed to free up nursery space!


I've got a bit of a cold/sore throat at the moment and I'm trying to avoid giving it to other people. I sure hope I'm successful 'cos I'm babysitting S&J the second week of the holidays and sick kids don't sound like much fun!


Doctors can really miss simple things through preconceptions. D went to her dr about these itchy lumps she was getting - like mozzie bites, but not, and not fleas either; and much itchier! Anyway, because of everything she's going through, the dr diagnosed it as a stress reaction and upped her meds. After another week of crazy itching (even more annoying when you're disabled and unable to reach to scratch!) she went to another dr who diagnosed the same thing. So for another two weeks, D took extra psych meds and felt like a complete nutter for being so stressed she was itchy.

I took a look at the lumps and said, you know, these look very similar to scabies. It took a day or two to convince her to try the cream, but she did and guess what? It was scabies, the cream fixed it right up.

The only reason I can think of for two experienced drs to miss a simple case of scabies mites is that they were looking at her file, not at her skin. Just like V8 - his cancer was misdiagnosed as 'depression' for two years, and medicated accordingly, and I bet you anything it's for the same reason. "Hey, you have a mental health issue! You can't be mentally and physically ill at the same time! It's not possible!"

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