January 28, 2005


I feel I should write a little on the Aushwitz anniversary, since WWII is a subject that has fascinated me since I was eleven.

The Aushwitz memorials are solemn and terrible. I am glad that time is being given to the subject on the national news, because otherwise people *do* forget, and do become desensitised. I'm glad they show the stories of survivors, I'm glad they showed the footage of crematoria and murder.

However, I think that a new emphasis should be given to the thousands of individuals that Israel recognises as 'the Righteous': people who risked their lives and the lives of their loved ones to help others who were often total strangers.

Please, if you can, get hold of the book 'The Righteous' by Martin Gilbert. It is a stunningly uplifting and humbling book - account after account of people who acted as humans in the midst of barbarism. To me, this book brought home the Holocaust in a new and distinctly human way, a way that the terrible photos and incomprehensible statistics could not. The courage of the human spirit is a tender and wonderful thing.

I have been thinking a lot about Iraq recently. I think that America should withdraw and allow the country to return to its base state. The only reason that Iraq exists as a country is because of the British, who decided sometime arond 100 years ago that the middle east was too messy, so they drew nice borders that looked good on maps, without any sort of reference to the people living on the land they were dividing up.

How would you feel if all of a sudden you woke up and found out that you now lived in a country called Bolosphere which incorporated half of Australia, the North Island of NZ, Samoa, and Indonesia? I think I would become an insurgent quite quickly, or at least fiercely partisan to the NZ people.

Maybe Iraq is just a colonialist pipe dream. Why not let the tribal system re-organise the land? It's surely better to keep them busy fighting between themselves than messily united to fight against America.

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