January 17, 2005


Hmm well as I said in my previous post: feed a cold, medicate a mood. My mouth tastes like dry, yet fetid, sports socks. I'm having trouble remembering what day it is or what time it is (a side effect of the meds that is really bizarre) and I think I left my washing in the machine since Saturday. But I'm really not too sure. I shouldn't suppose it matters a great deal.

On the bright side, meds! Sleepy sour-mouth girl. Eat your pills. The pink ones keep you from screaming. I have no idea what the yellow, white or orange ones do, but I assume they're essential. Or at least non-malevolent.

Sleeping using sleeping pills is very nice, although funny-tasting. Sleeping using tranquilizers is not so nice, because they give you strange dreams and make you leaden for a day or two afterwards. So if you take 'em every day... you can see how they'd build up in the system. I'm cautiously decreasing the dose where I can. For all that I enjoy substances I don't really want to feel exhausted the whole time. It's kind of like trying to abuse corn plasters.

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