January 18, 2005

Get Your 2c Worth In Our Casino

I swear, word for word, that is the sign outside the local dank-spot. Truth in advertising at last! Jim Anderton should take a lesson. There is something about the phrase:
"We'd raise the drinking age to 20. Now that's Progressive"

No. No, it's not. That would be, in fact, the definition of regressive.

Worried about the Sock. I wish she was not pregnant, cos she'll have to stay at Deb's for a month (I can't raise the pups here, it's impossible). I'll have to be there for the whelping and probably a week after at least. It's not going to be fun.

People tend to look at me and say "but, she's a dog. they just get on with it, like nature, don't they?"

Yeah. Nature. About one in three pups might make it. As it is, one in a litter often dies even with the best vets and care. And the bitches tend to have a high attrition rate also. So no, nature does not just magically get on with it.

And also... Sock is a social dog that has bonded with me. She feels like my child. I don't know if she feels quite like a kid to me, but I know where I stand in her world. If I just dump her at Deb's to give birth I think she will be devastated, and rightly so. Since the depth of the bond is my "fault" then I will just have to lump the extra responsibility for a bit.

I am so glad that I don't have to find homes for the pups. All spoken for, regardless of litter size.

(Just my luck she's been knocked up by a doberman or something and the pups will be unsaleable freaks of nature!)

"No, really, cocker spaniels always look like enraged oven mitts as pups. The cuteness only comes out once your EFTPOS transaction goes through."

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