September 01, 2004

Baking or Cooking. Pick One

Ok, I have a theory that needs data. The theory goes that people have a natural aptitude for either baking or cooking, but not usually both. The same holds true for woodwork and metalwork. Personally, I can cook well but bake indifferently; I can make some beautiful things in wood but all I can do with metal is cut and burn myself.

Is this consistent with other peopleís experience? Send your stories, along with a stamped (but not addressed) envelope, to

Hooray for a change of mayor in Auckland. Canít stand that smarmy John Banks! Iím not sure if Dick Hubbard is good mayor material Ė I donít know much about him at all Ė but I just want to get JB off my TV screen, and Iím not really that affected by the outcome in any other way 

Who dunnit in the Puketitiri farmer murder case? I have a completely uninformed and reactionary opinion, and I will be interested to see if it is borne out.

I wonder how on earth Winston Peters gets the dirt on so many people? Itís phenomenal. The man has a nose for dirt like a sewer rat.

I wonder why Americans idolise their political leaders, especially their Presidents, so much? I canít think of anyone that in love with a politician in NZ, or most countries overseas. Most populations seem to view their politicians as a necessary evil. And certainly, it's only in communist countries that one otherwise hears "our great/dear/anointed leader". I think it's the ďEmperor Has No ClothesĒ syndrome on a massive scale, probably made worse by having such a narrow political spectrum. If your electoral process involves obscene amounts of money and essentially flipping a coin at the end of it all, you probably donít want to examine things too closely.

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Hmm about your theory. I am a better baker than cook, but I can cook well (I mostly follow recipes). Lee cooks really fantastically well (and makes things up that taste great) but refuses to bake after one disastrous microwave chocolate cake.

It might be a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Posted by: jenni at September 1, 2004 10:46 AM

I wouldn't say I am 'good' at either cooking or baking. I can do it if I follow a recipe, altho some cooking I can do with no recipes. Also woodwork and metalwork both seem hard.

Posted by: giffy at September 1, 2004 12:40 PM

hmm, i cook and bake fairly well, and my metal and woodworking skills are kind of on a par (not great but not too terrible).
i think i fall into the 'jack of all trades, master of none' category though :(

Posted by: sok at September 1, 2004 03:06 PM

i bake well, no i change that, i am the qeen of all cooking that involves things sweet. Loke the baking.
hoever i've never really streched my cooking skills, i have about 20 good never fail recpies and i stick to them, which i experient is with the baking, and cheese cakes and variations on tiramsu.

Posted by: sue at September 11, 2004 04:48 AM


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