May 20, 2009

Moving. Again.

Beau and I both have our last days of work on Friday. On Saturday we move out of our hospital sponsored flat and head for a short holiday in Orkland and then Oz. Meeting up with some Uni friends in Canberra.

Then we will finally be back in Wellytown around the 5th of June. Yay!

Beau is all set to start working the following Monday, I shall be sending out an updated relief CV and hopefully we will get some quality visiting time with people.

I'm really looking forward to moving to a place without a definite idea of when we plan to leave (except how we kinda think we'll be going overseas in about 5 or 6 years again....). I'm not looking forward to some of the tidying, renovations and furniture buying we have to do.

I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end though (plus new bed, zomg!).

Point of Fashion: today was a work day
Current Obsession: I hope I get to mooch at home tomorrow and make soup.

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May 08, 2009

48 anticipate

My blogging lull is broken by my huge excitement over the 48 hour Film Competition. On this weekend :) Last year there was much disappointment and internets checking as I didn't get to be part of my regular "Jenni's Angels" team. Not only that, but last year Muggle also had her own team and made an entry starring our Dad!

Sadly, Beau is on nights this weekend, so can't help out and Muggle is in Raro at a wedding (yes, her life is hard). However, I shall shortly be heading down to Wgtn to take part in Jenni's Angels entry... whatever it may be!

I am hoping to get a reasonable acting role this year. I haven't been selected in past years and worry that this may be my last opportunity for a while, esp if Beau and I are successful in our mission to contribute to 2009, Year of the Baby. Zeph is holding up her end very well! I would like to point out that we always planned for this year to be the Year of attempting for Baby, so, you know, we're doing our bit too.

However, I have been hit by various flus of the non-swine variety recently and if I don't get an acting part, I'm quite happy to take a smaller support role. Although, not one that might involve me getting a worse cold. In order to prevent this I am packing lots of clothes, including my onesie and my big coat. Big coat means that even if we do somehow end up doing outside shoots (or just shooting in a cold location), I should still be warm. I shall also have hat, gloves and scarf. And in fact a whole lot of random stuff, just in case we need it ;)

I may also go and have a short nap.


Point of Fashion: still in pjs
Current Obsession: 48!!!

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