April 23, 2009

Poor Sicky Baby

It is school holidays so I can safely sleep in without fearing a text or phone call asking me to come and work later on in the day. Which means I can relax! Which means, of course that I get sick.

I'm pretty sure I'm on my second sickness of the holidays. The first was passed on to me and my in-laws by my gorgeous niece (11months) and nephew (2). I didn't get it too badly, had a sore throat, felt run-down and had a rumbly tummy. Apparently others were off their food and on the toilet... a lot.

It's a good thing that I wasn't too ill as I was visited by my lovely friend Lally and her daughter, my god-daughter, Pika (21 months). Pika had a proper cold. Runny nose, lead to cough and slight fever. Pika and Lally stayed with us for almost a week and on the worst nights of Pika's illness she was heard declaring herself a "Poor Sicky Baby" when she woke up from the coughing.

I came down with Pika's cold on Sat/Sunday. I don't think I have it as bad as she did and I aim to keep it that way, fending it off with lashings of honey and lemon drinks... sadly I am running out of honey!! May have to do an emergency shop.

Had another visit this week, with my friend Bean, her daughter Lentil (9 months) and also Bean's Mum (aka my Swiss Mami) arriving yesterday evening and staying over. Lentil and Bean are also sick with a cold. Pika, Lally and I visited them last week and I am *very* hopeful that they have the same cold that I already have because I really do not want a 3rd cold.

I have read all the books I have borrowed and also watched DVDs I have borrowed and Beau is working late tonight. I *want* to sew and also to bottle feijoas, but don't really feel up to it. I also daren't get into bed too early, because then I'll just get up early or wake in the night.

It's a hard life being a poor sicky baby. I think I have a book downloaded onto the computer that I haven't read yet...

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April 09, 2009

Thursday Foodblog day - bulgar wheat risotto

So, yeah, I've been a bit slack with the blogging. I blame Fallout 3 and costuming for using up other time that may be used for such things. I've also done a fair amount of baking, but I haven't been taking photos of it. Whoops!

Last night Mr and Mrs Mouse came over for dinner :)

Feta, sundried tomatoes and olives. I was really pleased 'cause I got to use some of my birthday presents with this. Namely my mini-colanders as containers for the food and each person had a little cartoon-y bento pick to eat it with. Thanks Muggle and Jenni :)

Main was bulgar wheat "risotto" with mushrooms and spinach. Very nice. I made this combining 2 recipes from the Healthy Food Guide. It's extra good because the bulgar wheat means extra fibre and the spinach means good amount of iron. Evie and Jarratt, I might cook this for you when you come over :)

Click on the pick for more info.

I've also put pics up on my flickr of pumpkin and wholemeal muffins I made a few weeks ago and also an example of one of my school lunches. Go check it out.

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