May 20, 2009

Moving. Again.

Beau and I both have our last days of work on Friday. On Saturday we move out of our hospital sponsored flat and head for a short holiday in Orkland and then Oz. Meeting up with some Uni friends in Canberra.

Then we will finally be back in Wellytown around the 5th of June. Yay!

Beau is all set to start working the following Monday, I shall be sending out an updated relief CV and hopefully we will get some quality visiting time with people.

I'm really looking forward to moving to a place without a definite idea of when we plan to leave (except how we kinda think we'll be going overseas in about 5 or 6 years again....). I'm not looking forward to some of the tidying, renovations and furniture buying we have to do.

I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end though (plus new bed, zomg!).

Point of Fashion: today was a work day
Current Obsession: I hope I get to mooch at home tomorrow and make soup.

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