June 09, 2009

Holiday is over

We had a good time in Auckland, Canberra and Sydney.

The drive up to Akld was *tiring* and I had to get over my fear of Beau driving and he was actually very good ;) Akld itself was visity, we stayed with a SiL and BiL (I married into a big family so have lots of them) and were well looked after.

Canberra first and good fun being fed delicious dinners and just chillin with Trith and Peta. Seriously Peta is awesome at the feeding. Goan Pork Curry!!! Awesome huge steaks. I am envious of her cast iron enamelled cooking implements. Other things of note in Canberra, Kangaroos at Nighttime, having to push an immobilised car down a hill, a red crescent moon, War memorial, watching the whole of season 1 of Mad Men.

Sydney was more touristy. We stayed with T and P in a lovely serviced apartment near China town. There was ridiculous amounts of eating out. Went walking around Darling Harbour, saw a concert (Battles) at the Sydney Opera house, caught the ferry and went to Toronga Zoo (they have a baby pygmy hippo, which I unfortunately missed, but have seen on the internets. So cute. They also have super playful red pandas and lots of other cool animals) and later *that* day to Manly and had seafood dinners. Did a night-time walk visiting various light displays up for the Vivid Sydney, Festival of Light and Ideas. There was more too, but I forget.

Big drive back down from Auckland and holiday was truly over. Have been busy since then doing stuff to get ourselves and our house ready to move back to the Progressive Suburb. Much of Saturday was spent searching for *the* bedroom suite (we ended up getting a bed (with 2 underbed drawers at the foor), mattress, bedside drawers, Big chest of drawers, Tall Skinny chest of drawers. I hope we have enough drawers ;)

Since then Beau has done some cleaning of the bathroom and much carrying of Muggle's stuff and i have done much researching and phone calling. Have now sorted phone line and internet, electricity, a plumber, 2 arborists to come and give quotes of chopping trees, a skip for throwing away stuff Muggle and we don't want as well as to chuck green waste we will hopefully deal with over weekend. Had an electrician come over yesterday to check out wiring too. Looks like we should probable rewire about half the house. Aiyaiyai.

Also talked to EnergyWise regarding the government funding for getting insulation and heating! 30% up to total of $1800 which is not to be sneezed at. Can't do anything more about that until July though. Will def get onto it ASAP.

Gyah, must get dressed and over to house now (internets not on there until Thurs, bed arriving then too) as an arborist may be over soon.

Point of Fashion: Hoodie with Pjs.
Current obsession: So much more to do with getting house sorted.

Posted by giffy at June 9, 2009 11:31 AM