June 11, 2009

Moving update

So much stuff!!

Ok, so the plumber came yesterday and fixed the leak, was not a major, just an old (original to the house aka 50+ years old) valve that needed replacing. Unfortunately it was left for so long that the ceiling now needs replacing. Time to call Lee's BiL, me thinks.

Bean and Lentil a;sp visited and helped with cleaning, moving of stuff and general motivation which was lovely. We also went on a trip to Mitre 10 and got a hot water cylinder wrap.. yeah, my hot water cylinder is 50 years old this year and still going strong! Woot :)

Meanwhile, I hired a Rug Doctor for 8 hours and did all the carpets and 2 couches and 2 armchairs. Phew. That was quite a lot of cleaning. Have had 3 dehumidifyers going since then drying it all up.

Today has been a day of waiting for people to arrive. First was the guy with the skip. There is rubbish to be dumped, but also we'll hopefully get some time this weekend to weed-eat and mow the lawns. It could happen. Next to arrive was the telstra clear man, who connected up our phone line and delicious internets. I'm using them now! That took him a while, long enough that our bedroom suite arrived. They even set up the shiny new bed. I'm looking forward to using it, although suspect that won't occur until this weekend.

Other things on the menu for today, my Mum is coming to take me out to lunch and also to go vacuum cleaner shopping with me, I'm thinking of getting the mid-priced Miele vacuum cleaner recommended by Consumer. Also, this evening Beau, Muggle and I will be seeing Jonno and C-L and doing the actually signing to make the house mine and Beau's (as opposed to mine and Muggle's).

I'm hoping that after that I'll be able to convince Muggle and Beau to do some more tidying at the house. I really want the laundry cleared (stuff had to get moved around for the plumber to get into the roof space) so that I can take down and clean the curtains. There are also now many rags and towels that need a good clean. I suspect that will be a good job for tomorrow.

Mustn't forget that tomorrow I am also looking after Lulu (SiL) and going to a play! You can see how I really don't have time for a job right now, right? Either that or you can see how being a housewife is not cruisy.

Tasks for the weekend - clean out kitchen, possibly do some yard work, *actually* move in!

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