February 22, 2009

exiled in PN

Well, not really since I am currently in Wellington. We don't (yet) have internet at our house in PN. In fact we just moved house on Wednesday! Not having internet is frustrating for maintaining social networks, but my social bar (ah sims 2) is still high as I am gaming 2 times a week! Hanging out with people I wouldn't get to spend so much time with when I live in Wgtn, simply because with so many more people there, my calender is often full.

We're down this weekend for muggle's birthday party and got to see a whole group of people there which is good for maintaining friendships, but the hi/bye and casualness of parties is not really as satisfying for me as hours of blobbing/chilling/chatting/eating and being that smaller occasions provide. Did enjoy my outside time with Evie and Dagger though :) Well, I actually enjoyed my whole time there, but that was extra good.

Anyhoo, I've also begun working! Relief/supply at a local school. It's a big school though and I've worked more days than I haven't since I dropped off my CV. The students are well behaved and the staff are friendly, but I find I miss having my own classroom. We'll see what happens.

Beau has gotten confirmation of a job starting in Wellington early June so we shall be moving back shortly before that. We want to get some work done on the house before we move in. Any advice on renovating would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully we will have internet at "home" soon and I shall be posting more frequently. I should begin taking food pictures too. Working means I am packing lunches once again and I have also been venturing into preserves having made lemon cordial and lemon curd! I know people with lemons. I also saw a recipe for rose hip cordial so must convince people to not deadhead their roses and to instead let me attempt to cook them!

Love you lots,


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February 02, 2009

Morgue and Cal got CU'd

So, 'cause I said I might, I thought I'd write that Morgue and Cal's wedding (last month now!) was lovely. Or non-wedding, 'cause it was a Civil Union? Whatever, commitment ceremonies are good value.

I just love celebrating people's relationships. I love feeling the positive vibe of loved ones gathering together to witness and support two people's declaration of love. I love watching fidgety kids wriggle around and longer married people exchange glances. I love watching unmarried/committed people fidget and exchange glances. I love thinking of my wedding, I don't love thinking about how I should still blog about that. I love videoing people and I know and don't know giving statements of love and support for the couple. I love dancing with my own beloved and I love dancing with my other friends. I love free drinks. I love eating food prepared with friends in mind. I love being told off by a new four year old acquaintance. I love being complemented. I love complementing. I love hugs. I love organising surprise phone calls.

I love and I love that I'm loved in return.

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