February 02, 2009

Morgue and Cal got CU'd

So, 'cause I said I might, I thought I'd write that Morgue and Cal's wedding (last month now!) was lovely. Or non-wedding, 'cause it was a Civil Union? Whatever, commitment ceremonies are good value.

I just love celebrating people's relationships. I love feeling the positive vibe of loved ones gathering together to witness and support two people's declaration of love. I love watching fidgety kids wriggle around and longer married people exchange glances. I love watching unmarried/committed people fidget and exchange glances. I love thinking of my wedding, I don't love thinking about how I should still blog about that. I love videoing people and I know and don't know giving statements of love and support for the couple. I love dancing with my own beloved and I love dancing with my other friends. I love free drinks. I love eating food prepared with friends in mind. I love being told off by a new four year old acquaintance. I love being complemented. I love complementing. I love hugs. I love organising surprise phone calls.

I love and I love that I'm loved in return.

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Posted by giffy at February 2, 2009 03:57 PM