January 20, 2009


I am still recovering from Kapcon weekend. I need to get to sleep *before* 2am, but think my body clock has now readjusted to new bedtime. D'oh!

It was great seeing and chatting to a whole bunch of people including *new* people, which is awesome.

I didn't feel that I was really playing up to potential in anything on the weekend, but I still had a bunch of fun in each of the games I took part in.

A family emergency that happened on Friday night, basically put me off balance for the rest of the weekend. Luckily the outcome of that emergency is hopeful and positive so things should be returning to normal soon.

Living in P Diddy North has been going well so far. We don't have internet access if our house though, so I've been going *days* without the net and I kinda like it. Hmmm.

Of New Years Goals, I still need to unpack suitcases and get a car. Le sigh

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