September 09, 2005


Yup, that high-pitched squeal may just be a new dog whistle in this election. Or Don Brash getting adjitated.

I mentioned recently that Brash has done a bang-up job of blending the economic liberalism and social conservatism required for a successful National party leader. The association with the Closed Bretheren seems to be creating a problem in that balance, in that adds a quiet but unnerving harmonic of crazy religiousness to Brash's perfectly ordinary moral values*.

To make matters worse, he's wasting time he should be spending scoring points with policy swatting ineffectually at the media. It is one thing to be a little naive in politics, but he's going to be representing us overseas. His repeated errors of judgement make him look suspiciously like he'll mortally offend other leaders by failing to do his homework. We like honest, down to earth leaders, but we like them to live in the real world and have a fair grasp of what might offend people.

* I don't think this is actually justified, as Brash's history indicates he's more of a formal social liberal. But he hasn't established that enough in people's minds to get this one to slide off his back.

Posted by carla at September 9, 2005 04:33 PM
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