September 15, 2005

growing the pie

This election is the first in my memory where the politicians aren't busy explaining that we need to 'grow the pie' so we can have the lifestyle we want.

This bothers me.

As far as I can tell (based on very little actual information), we're not actually doing that well. The economy may be running hot, but it mostly seems to be based on borrowing money from overseas. Eventually, we're going to have to pay that off. If we find ourselves doing that with high oil prices and low comodity prices, we'll get to experience the 80's all over again.

I'd much rather we used the cash to make crutial investments now. I don't care too much whether they are in the private sector (in terms of improving plant, engaging in research or taking this opportunity to launch an overseas arm) or in the public sector (in terms of gaining an improvement in education, taking the opportunity to learn how to cope with bi or multiculturalism or investing in alternative energy).

But I do care that it happens. This golden weather is an opportunity to do really well in the next decades. I don't want to waste in on raising house prices again and buying lots of overseas consumables just because we can.

Points to National Radio's 9 till noon for raising this topic, even if the segment established more about what economists don't know than what they do.

Posted by carla at September 15, 2005 02:32 PM
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